Daily Dungeon System

Finding Dungeons

Some dungeons are visible on the mini-map while exploring Drakor. They are represented by a purple dot on the map where they are located. Other dungeons will need to be found through other methods.

You can also see dungeons on the navigation screen, as the travel buttons are in purple as well as the Header also shows it's a dungeon area.
Most Dungeons are locked areas (like picture above) that you need to kill a monster or complete a quest to gain access to the dungeon. Then you need to kill bosses within the dungeon to gain further access to deeper areas within the dungeon.

Daily Dungeon Crawls

You can run each dungeon every 24hrs after they are started. Once you kill the first boss in a dungeon your dungeon will reset 24hrs after that kill. If you have not cleared the dungeon by the 24hrs the dungeon resets anyway. Any temporary keys you obtained for the dungeon as well will expire when the dungeon does.
Note: If you logoff inside a dungeon and log back in after it has reset. If the specific room/area needed key access. It will not allow you to stay in that area and it will move you to a safe spot just outside of the dungeon.

Boss Monsters

Dungeons are full of hard "Boss" monsters. These creatures are more difficult than regular "hard" monsters. But they have set loot tables of Rare or higher item quality. You will see boss monsters listed like the image below, similar to where NPCs are listed while exploring the world.

Dungeon Nodes

Dungeon Trade Nodes are less used and usually have more resources available in them. Some also have unique trade materials used for quests and/or for powerful patterns.