The Refer-a-Friend Program

Here's more details around Drakor's Refer-a-Friend program.
  1. You can find your referral link on the 'My Account' Info page
  2. If players register using your referral link. The system does track and store this information.
  3. You will earn 1 medal for every level your referral goes up, in combat or trade skills. The more your referral plays Drakor, the more medals you obtain.
  4. You can redeem these medals for a variety of in-game loot at any NPC Vendor in Drakor.
Thanks and Refer all your friends! =)

Voting for Drakor Daily

You can find a list of voting sites on your "My Account" page. You can also view how many successful votes you have on each voting site and the last time you voted. You can vote once per voting website every 24hrs.

1. You receive 1 medal for each successful vote per voting site.

Redeeming Medals for In-Game Loot!

You can redeem your medals for in-game loot from any NPC Vendor.

You can purchase things like Equipment, Enchants, Augments, Food Buffs, Rings, Durability Runes and more. You can test your luck and pick mystery random loot or spend more medals and get a defined loot drop for your effort. Loot drops are either Superior+ or Rare+ in quality.