Tradeskill & Hunting Nodes

Finding Nodes

When Exploring the world of Drakor you will come across nodes for various trade skills all over the world. They will be listed under the Actions menu.

You can only use the node if your Trade Skill level meets the minimum level requirements for that node.

For each node you are able to collect from (based on your trade level) You will receive an amount of exp based on the level range of the material that drops from the node. You will also be able to collect materials that span that nodes level range or any specific drops that drop from that location/node.

Note: There is not just one area to use any gather-type trade at level 1. There are multiple nodes close-by to the starting city of Danof that you can use. Each have varying timers so you can explore around for the shortest timer or the node with the most resources remaining.

Depleting Nodes

All Mining, Gathering, Fishing, Logging and Hunting areas found throughout the World will deplete after they are used up or cleared. Don't worry these nodes will re-spawn back with more resources within 5-40 mins (randomly). The higher level the node, the longer it will take to respawn. This allows for you to explore more of the world and not just stay in one place and mine forever.

Timer & Remaining Resources Bars

When you start using a node, there will be a green "Timer Bar" which will countdown and show you the % complete (seconds remaining in brackets) before you finish your action for that round. ie> Mine, fish, etc.
You will also notice a thin blue bar under your green timer bar. This bar shows the amount of resources left in that node before it depletes. A full blue bar = 100%. It will go down over time, this also gives you a way to estimate how long you will be able to use the node before it depletes.

Note: The more players using the same node, the quicker it will deplete.

Collection History

When you are using a collection trade node. This works as an afk type skill. (The timer will continue to refresh until the node depletes or you stop it.) If you leave for 15mins and come back all of your collection history will be displayed in the Collection History Log. This log will continue to grow for the duration of your time using that node. It is useful to go through and see what you have received while you were afk.