Battle Strategy & Abilities

Battle Strategy

Your Battle Strategy is a combination of upto 10 abilities you take into battle with you. Each ability you can use one-time during each battle. Depending on who you are fighting and what abilities they have, you might need to tweak or change your strategy to be successful.

No Durability Remaining

When you see an Ability with a red background on the name. It means it's out of durability and that ability needs to be swapped out or repaired.

Strategy Rating

This rating is based on your level and the quality of your battle abilities & spells. This number changes as you level and change battle abilities. This rating is also used in Armory Leaderboards and other comparisons.
General Rating Ranges:
Poor : 0 - 2
Average : 2 - 5
Good : 5 - 9
Great : 9 - 15
Legendary : 15 +