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Creature Bestiary

The Isildian Forest & Arborel Plains (Level 131-160)

Creature Description
Fall Elk a breed of deer that grows leaves upon its antlers. They are native to the Isildian Forest and surrounding Arborel plains, and are only found within its borders.
Dryad forest spirits who protect their homeland, and may offer guidance to those who have lost their way.
Moss Imp a small trickster of a creature that enjoys luring travelers deeper into the woods by leaving trails of berries and other fine edibles.
Moonglow Pixie a small creature no larger than the average thumbnail, they sparkle and glow in the fading light.
Oak Water a thick, slimy substance that smells and looks like syrup but, is made to keep prey bound in place as it gradually consumes its victim’s life force.
Unicorn rare creatures sighted by only the purest of heart. Said to roam the meadow in twilight.
Vine Boar a large pig that happily feeds on the vines and small insects of the forest floor.
Gilded Swan a swan with feathers of Gold that floats upon Olda’s Pond.
Crescent Eagle a large bird species that glides easily through the tree tops and open plains looking for unsuspecting prey.
Sheila a strange monster born of plants and ancient magic that resembles a lion save for the layers of fauna that make up its body.
The Scout lone travelers once believed to be Rangers, driven mad by their years spent lost in the forest. They roam the open plains and woodlands. They are not to be trifled with.
The Sorrow a small patch of murky, muddy water hidden beneath a thin cover of leaves and moss that swallows up all that enter it, never to be seen again.
Forest Drake a large lizard species related to Dragons that can run incredibly fast and camouflage itself in the foliage.
Lylins elementals bound to the flowers of the Forest and Plains with a wicked vengeance against all who may pluck, stomp, or pick at their kin.
Werewolf half-man, half-wolf, and out for blood.
Witik men turned into strange abominations with horns or antlers upon their head and drenched in shadow and vine. Are they from the logging camps?
Faun magical creatures that resemble deer but have human-like faces and can stand on their hind legs. Some may offer guidance and advice, while others are more treacherous.
Chimera the head of a lion, body of a goat, and tail of a serpent that hunts the largest prey in the Isildian forest, including Drakes and Sheilas. They have also been seen to pick Crescent Eagles from the air in the open fields should they try their luck.
Esia song maidens unseen but not unheard in the twilight of the forest.
Rock Wanderer large spiders able to take the form of rocks, waiting to attack.

Katheyrian Lake (Level 115-130)

Creature Description
Tarn Siren small creatures that take on the form of beautiful women to lure in their victims.
Swamp Specter consumed by murky waters, they howl for aid.
Flying Fish playful creatures of glittering scale that like to jump up to interrupt fishermen as they work.
Wave Rider an elemental that creates whirpools and powerful undertows.
Freshwater Leviathan a hulking cross between lizard and fish, it preys on large mammals on the rare occasion it should choose to surface.
Stream Maiden a guardian of water and all its life forms.
Wandering Willows enchanted trees that shift to alter familiar paths and cause confusion.
Moss Tortoise ancient beasts said to pull fishermen down into their watery graves.
Angry Crab thick shells make these small opponents tough to crack.
Drown Skeleton swallowed by the muddy bog waters long ago, a magical force makes them roam the land once more.

Mount Fenrir (Level 101-120)

Creature Description
Golem a magical creature made from clay and mud.
Garm an ancient species of wolves that have adapted to the ever-changing mountain landscape. Powerful teeth and claws are capable of cutting through steel.
Elder Dragon with wings that can block out the sunlight and cause tremendous windstorms, they rule over both Mountain and Sky.
Jackalope a small rabbit-like creature with the antlers of a deer and the attitude of a vicious badger.
Harvester goblin-like creatures that lurk in the shadows of caves and ruins scavenging for scraps and pick-pocketing wanderers.
Mountain Marauder armoured bandits waiting for unsuspecting travelers to wander their way.
Valley Deer larger than regular deer, they roam the Forgotten Valley.
Blistered Dwarf burned by molten metal and driven mad by their painful blisters and sores.
Goliath Vulture massive birds of prey that swoop down on weary travelers out in the open.
Ridgemaker an earth elemental that emerges from the mountainside to strike at will.

Note: Other lower level areas/creatures will be added in the future. Any content authors that would like to write descriptions for lower level monsters. Contact Goz.