52 Online
Game Stats
5,369,608 Battles
66,753,883 Items
52 Online
Game Stats
5,369,608 Battles
66,753,883 Items

Full Listing of Player Titles

Title NamePurchaseable?How many own this?
"Immortal" [NAME]120 tokens7
"Undead" [NAME]100 tokens2
"Beast Mode" [NAME]90 tokens2
"Blood Admiral" [NAME]80 tokens2
"Loremaster" [NAME]80 tokens2
"Vanquisher" [NAME]80 tokens0
"Storm's End" [NAME]80 tokens1
[NAME] "Inmate #51346" has been re-admitted to the Asylum80 tokens51
[NAME] "the Awesome"65 tokens2
[NAME] "the Untouchable"65 tokens2
[NAME] "the Reaper"60 tokens17
"Overlord" [NAME]60 tokens8
"Big Cheese" [NAME]60 tokens1
[NAME] "the Cunning"60 tokens1
[NAME] "the Collector"60 tokens3
"Crusader" [NAME]60 tokens1
[NAME] "the Divine"60 tokens4
[NAME] "the Magnificent"60 tokens2
"Hellraiser" [NAME]60 tokens6
[NAME] "the Fearless"60 tokens1
[NAME] "the Infamous"55 tokens2
[NAME] "the Wild"55 tokens1
[NAME] "the Bloodthirsty"55 tokens4
"Sneaky" [NAME]50 tokens2
"Weakling" [NAME]50 tokens0
"Sir Lame" [NAME]50 tokens0
"Starcaller" [NAME]50 tokens3
"Brawler" [NAME]50 tokens1
"Lionheart" [NAME]50 tokens0
"Super" [NAME]50 tokens2
"Super Villian" [NAME]50 tokens1
[NAME] "the Eternal"50 tokens6
[NAME] "the Corrupted"50 tokens2
[NAME] "the Enforcer"50 tokens1
[NAME] "of the Shadows"50 tokens10
[NAME] "Laird of Daimons"50 tokens2
"Defender" [NAME]45 tokens2
"Gorgeous" [NAME]45 tokens2
"Princess" [NAME]45 tokens6
[NAME] "the Insane"45 tokens6
[NAME] "the Intimidating"45 tokens0
"Lady" [NAME]45 tokens6
"Lord" [NAME]45 tokens6
"Knight" [NAME]40 tokens4
[NAME] "the Explorer"40 tokens3
[NAME] "the Patient"40 tokens1
[NAME] "the Virtuous"40 tokens2
"Ambassador" [NAME]40 tokens1
"Yellow Spammer" [NAME]40 tokens1
"Dark Traveler" [NAME]40 tokens7
"Mad Scientist" [NAME]40 tokens5
[NAME] "the Famous"35 tokens2
[NAME] "the Strange"35 tokens6
"Sweet Tooth" [NAME]35 tokens2
[NAME] "the Outrageous"35 tokens4
[NAME] "the Adorable"35 tokens4
[NAME] "the Thunderous"35 tokens1
"Fire Lord" [NAME]35 tokens5
[NAME] "The Minion"35 tokens4
[NAME] "Shifty Eyes"35 tokens2
"Cutie-pie" [NAME]30 tokens3
"Choob" [NAME]30 tokens5
"Mysterious" [NAME]30 tokens5
"Relentless" [NAME]30 tokens2
[NAME] "the Fractured"30 tokens2
[NAME] "the Brave"30 tokens4
"Peacemaker" [NAME]30 tokens0
"Cheerful" [NAME]25 tokens2
"Grumpy" [NAME]25 tokens8
"Smelly" [NAME]25 tokens7
[NAME] "the Lazy"25 tokens12
[NAME] "the Delusional"25 tokens6
[NAME] "the Wild"25 tokens13
[NAME] "the Stylish"25 tokens2
[NAME] "the Love Fool"25 tokens9
"Defender of Justice" [NAME]75 event points9
[NAME] "Serenity in Colors"50 event points14
"Elf on a Shelf" [NAME]30 event points5
[NAME] "The Red Nosed Reindeer"30 event points8
[NAME] "Scrooge's Little Helper"30 event points5
"On the Naughty List" [NAME]30 event points9
"Hug Bandit" [NAME]30 event points7
"Hopeless Romantic" [NAME]30 event points5
"Heartbreaker" [NAME]30 event points7
[NAME] "<3<3<3"30 event points8
[NAME] "Overseer of the Equinox"30 event points7
[NAME] "Earthly Meditator"30 event points5
[NAME] "Nature's Guide"30 event points6
[NAME] "Peacekeeper"30 event points5
[NAME] "Body Guard"30 event points4
[NAME] "Defender of Golems"30 event points8
[NAME] "Guardian of the Rocklings"30 event points9
[NAME] "Bane of the Mysterious Force"30 event points11
"Krampus" [NAME]25 event points10
"Tinsel Toes" [NAME]25 event points5
[NAME] "Team Naughty"25 event points7
[NAME] "Team Nice"25 event points4
"Sugar Plum" [NAME]25 event points6
[NAME] "The Mushy"25 event points6
"Lovey Dovey" [NAME]25 event points4
[NAME] "is in Love"25 event points5
"Spring Fling" [NAME]25 event points3
[NAME] "The Butterfly Tamer"25 event points5
"Nature's Majesty" [NAME]25 event points3
"Justicar" [NAME]25 event points4
[NAME] "The Profiler"25 event points3
[NAME] "Gray Rock Specialist"25 event points6
[NAME] "Wearer of the Ugly Sweater"20 event points7
[NAME] "Conquerer of Ice Giants"20 event points6
[NAME] "Guardian of the Jeweled Egg"20 event points12
[NAME] "Lord of the Chicken Coop"20 event points12
[NAME] "Sheriff in These Parts"20 event points5
[NAME] "Vanquisher of the Red Swords"20 event points5
[NAME] "Lord of the Reindeer"15 event points7
"Spring Chicken" [NAME]15 event points5
[NAME] "Tastes like Chicken"15 event points12
[NAME] "Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"15 event points10
"Egg Hunter" [NAME]15 event points6
"Bloodhound" [NAME]15 event points7
"Fugitive Hunter" [NAME]15 event points5
"Bounty Hunter" [NAME]15 event points8
[NAME] "Giver of Presents"10 event points4
"Endless Celebrator" [NAME]10 event points6
"On the Nice List" [NAME]10 event points4
"Santa’s Elf" [NAME]10 event points5
"The Holly Jolly" [NAME]10 event points5
[NAME] "The Holiday Spirit"10 event points6
[NAME] "the Naughty"10 event points10
"Delicious" [NAME]10 event points11
[NAME] "The Wildflower"10 event points7
[NAME] "The Gardener"10 event points8
[NAME] "Bringer of the Sun"10 event points6
"Egg'stra Cute" [NAME]10 event points8
[NAME] "Will Crack You Up"10 event points8
[NAME] "Laid an Egg"10 event points5
"Tracker" [NAME]10 event points4
[NAME] "Is the Law"10 event points13
"Super Trooper" [NAME]10 event points9
[NAME] "The Flirt"7 event points8
[NAME] "The Joyful"5 event points13
[NAME] "Heart of Fire"5 event points15
[NAME] "the Passionate"5 event points7
"Valentine" [NAME]5 event points12
"Cupid" [NAME]5 event points6
[NAME] "Bringer of Spring"5 event points12
"Flower Power" [NAME]5 event points11
[NAME] "Friend of Nature"5 event points13
"Bad Egg" [NAME]5 event points12
"Egg Head" [NAME]5 event points9
"24 Carrot" [NAME]5 event points10
"Master Clucker" [NAME]5 event points11
"Officer" [NAME]5 event points4
"Jailer" [NAME]5 event points6
"Warden" [NAME]5 event points6
[NAME] "XOXOXO"3 event points12
[NAME] "The Prospector"Mining Daily Reward47
"Gold Digger" [NAME]Mining Daily Reward50
"Ore Hunter" [NAME]Mining Daily Reward49
[NAME] "Is Better at Mining Than You"Mining Daily Reward52
[NAME] "The Salty"Fishing Daily Reward28
[NAME] "Master Angler"Fishing Daily Reward25
"Castaway" [NAME]Fishing Daily Reward22
[NAME] "Keepin' It Reel"Fishing Daily Reward24
"Shark Bait" [NAME]Fishing Daily Reward33
"Forester" [NAME]Logging Daily Reward60
"Forest Ranger" [NAME]Logging Daily Reward51
[NAME] "Enemy of the Forest"Logging Daily Reward52
"Head Chef" [NAME]Cooking Daily Reward17
"Culinary Artist" [NAME]Cooking Daily Reward17
"Foodie" [NAME]Cooking Daily Reward17
"Architect" [NAME]Construction Daily Reward33
"Contractor" [NAME]Construction Daily Reward26
[NAME] "The Builder"Construction Daily Reward29
"Illusionist" [NAME]Enchanting Daily Reward5
"Spellbinder" [NAME]Enchanting Daily Reward11
"Mystical" [NAME]Enchanting Daily Reward6
"Scavenger" [NAME]Gathering Daily Reward35
"Naturalist" [NAME]Gathering Daily Reward35
"Botanist" [NAME]Gathering Daily Reward31
"Green Thumb" [NAME]Gathering Daily Reward26
"Jeweller" [NAME]Jewelcrafting Daily Reward11
"Gemologist" [NAME]Jewelcrafting Daily Reward11
[NAME] "The Artisan"Jewelcrafting Daily Reward7
[NAME] "Lord of the Forge"Smithing Daily Reward31
"Metal Worker" [NAME]Smithing Daily Reward22
"Master Smith" [NAME]Smithing Daily Reward34
[NAME] "The Apothecary"Alchemy Daily Reward18
"Potion Master" [NAME]Alchemy Daily Reward12
"Makes good Juju" [NAME]Alchemy Daily Reward9
[NAME] "The Inventor"Crafting Daily Reward11
"Tinkerer" [NAME]Crafting Daily Reward19
[NAME] "The Crafty"Crafting Daily Reward11
[NAME] "Guardian of the Lost Pages"Inscription Daily Reward13
"Calligrapher" [NAME]Inscription Daily Reward10
[NAME] "Seeker of Knowledge"Inscription Daily Reward6
"Archaeologist" [NAME]Ancient Research Daily Reward37
"Historian" [NAME]Ancient Research Daily Reward31
"Professor" [NAME]Ancient Research Daily Reward36
"Gold Fever" [NAME]Treasure Hunting Daily Reward10
"Treasure Hunter" [NAME]Treasure Hunting Daily Reward12
[NAME] "Of the Seven Seas"Treasure Hunting Daily Reward12
[NAME] "The Astral Walker"Disenchanting Daily Reward19
[NAME] "The Magic Seeker"Disenchanting Daily Reward18
[NAME] "Of the Shattered Essence"Disenchanting Daily Reward12
[NAME] "Creator of Drakor"Not Purchaseable1
"Official Guinea Pig" [NAME]Not Purchaseable21
[NAME] "Lead Content Developer"Not Purchaseable1
"Drakorian" [NAME]Not Purchaseable16
[NAME] "Founder of Drakor"Not Purchaseable13
[NAME] "Friend of Drakor"Not Purchaseable25
[NAME] "Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Syrah"Not Purchaseable1
"Titleless" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
"Elf" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1667
"The brightest flame casts the darkest" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Flounder of Drakor"Not Purchaseable1
"One of Insanity" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
"Jack of All Trades" [NAME]Not Purchaseable3
[NAME] "the Motormouth"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Noble of Drakor"Not Purchaseable34
[NAME] "Artisan of Drakor"Not Purchaseable19
[NAME] "chan"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "tastic"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Immortal Defender"Not Purchaseable1
"Timber Cruiser" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Quest Writer"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Artist of Drakor"Not Purchaseable1
"Son of Thunder" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Essence of Light"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "the Eggstraordinary"Not Purchaseable271
"Killer Bunny" [NAME]Not Purchaseable340
"Royal" [NAME]Not Purchaseable13
"Lil Miss" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Kokomo"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "the Modnificent"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "the Modieval"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "the Modtastic"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "The Wise"Not Purchaseable1
"Wahwewa" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
"BOOM!! Shaka Laka" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "The Fool"Not Purchaseable248
[NAME] "Defender of Drakor"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "the Immovable Object"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Fan of Drakor"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "the stubborn"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "the Musical Duckling"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Light of the Morning Star"Not Purchaseable1
"Phenomenal" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "The Lord of Cookies"Not Purchaseable16
"Petmaster" [NAME]Not Purchaseable13
[NAME] "Lumberjack Extraordinaire"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "The Legendary Tool"Not Purchaseable1
"Party Animal" [NAME]Not Purchaseable172
[NAME] "Is All Shades of Awesome"Not Purchaseable27
[NAME] "The Doge Whisperer"Not Purchaseable34
[NAME] "Kajira of the Shadows"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Acwellan Ablican"Not Purchaseable1
"The sweet yet tart" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
"Scaredy Cat" [NAME]Not Purchaseable193
"Ghostbuster" [NAME]Not Purchaseable217
[NAME] "Mistress of Avalon"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "The Grinch"Not Purchaseable24
"King of the Dwarves" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Conqueror of Evil Gnomes"Not Purchaseable179
[NAME] "Master of the Cats"Not Purchaseable171
[NAME] "The Smurf King"Not Purchaseable1
"Equestrian Warriors Knight" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "The Cow King"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Leader of Illuminati"Not Purchaseable1
"Morning After" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "The Purple People Eater"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Lady of the Lake"Not Purchaseable1
"Slim" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
"The Real Slim" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
"My Name is Slim" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "The Renegade"Not Purchaseable1
"Rap God" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Carnage"Not Purchaseable1
"Goz's little helper" [NAME]Not Purchaseable47
"Lovable" [NAME]Not Purchaseable143
[NAME] "Queen of the Rationally Insane"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "the Raven of Avalon"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Fooled by Goz and only got this stinking Title!"Not Purchaseable79
"Tau'ri " [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
"Seriously I Am Not A Kanga" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
"Magi" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
"Walking Corpse" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
"BEHAVE!" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "I like to 'loaf' around"Not Purchaseable40
"Rusty" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "The Modfather"Not Purchaseable1
"Smart" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Drakor addict"Not Purchaseable37
[NAME] "the Modifier"Not Purchaseable1
"Dragon Rider" [NAME]Not Purchaseable38
[NAME] "the Modnanimous"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Prophet of the Luna Moth"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "The Dark Market Dealer"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Agent of Wrath"Not Purchaseable1
"First Prime" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
"ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ" [NAME]Not Purchaseable43
[NAME] "zander"Not Purchaseable1
"Claim Jumper" [NAME]Not Purchaseable40
[NAME] "Is Loving Summer"Not Purchaseable32
[NAME] "the Unfriendly"Not Purchaseable23
"Avid Cow Consu-m00-er" [NAME]Not Purchaseable24
[NAME] "The Worlds Greatest Bard"Not Purchaseable1
"(Alpha First Prime)²" [NAME]Not Purchaseable1
"Tin Roof Rusted" [NAME]Not Purchaseable66
[NAME] "Insert Title Here"Not Purchaseable21
[NAME] "the Photovore" awakens in the sunlight.Not Purchaseable19
"Experimental Subject #45839" [NAME]Not Purchaseable16
[NAME] "Is Better at Smithing Than You"Not Purchaseable20
"Masked Warrior" [NAME]Not Purchaseable20
[NAME] "has Gone Fishing"Not Purchaseable1
[NAME] "Brave Heart"Not Purchaseable13