52 Online
Game Stats
5,369,608 Battles
66,753,883 Items
52 Online
Game Stats
5,369,608 Battles
66,753,883 Items

Guild Settlements

Settlements are where guilds can Purchase Land, Clear the Land, Build their Guild Hall, Upgrade their guild hall with various rooms to work trades. Further Develop Land around their Guild Halls for any/all of the collection trades and more.

Settlements are a great way for guilds to work together as a team to finish various objectives.

Guild leaders can complete Guild Quests that are related to their Settlement progress that all members can track their guild progress and get announcements in guild chat when objectives are completed.

The Guild Settlements Area can be found just Northwest of the City of Poi.

Various Guild Hall Upgrades:

General Wing: Cooking Hall, Bank Area - Access your guild bank, NPC Vendor / World Bank / World Market

Workers Wing: Blacksmith, Workshop, Jewel Room, Crafting Room

Arcane Wing:
Alchemist Lab, Inscription Library, Enchanting Study

Guild Masteries (part 1 of 2)

The more you work in these built wings/trade rooms. It currently saves how much you have worked in these rooms.
Guild Masteries will give guild members small bonuses for using the guild areas to work their trades.

Stay tuned for when Guild Masteries are put into the game. Currently it does save all of your related work data and bonuses will be provided retroactive.

Developing Guild Land

Guilds can also purchase extra land plots that have a Mine, Fishing, Logging, Gathering Fields & Ancient Ruins.

These areas will have a guild-only node on them that will "evolve" the more it is used, Which will increase the potential levels of materials received from it.

There is a max # of materials received per spawn from these "guild-only" nodes.

Guild Nodes now also display a Guild Node Exp progress bar and will announce in guild chat when a Guild Node goes up a level.

Currently Players for example gathering at a guild node level 1-10 but only has level 5 gathering, will only receive materials for level 1-5 from the node.