46 Online
Game Stats
5,421,179 Battles
67,391,388 Items
46 Online
Game Stats
5,421,179 Battles
67,391,388 Items

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I repair my Epic or Legendary item?

A: You can only repair Common, Superior and Rare quality items with in-game gold. By clicking on an item that has 0 durability and clicking the "Anvil" with the gold amount next to it. This will repair the item for the displayed amount of gold. Items of Epic or Legendary Quality can only be repaired with a durability scroll or durability rune (made with inscription). These durability scrolls drop randomly in combat and sometimes are sold in the player market.

Q: What are the Guild Bank Container Thresholds/Requirements

A: Creating the Guild Bank gives the guild 4 slots
Note: Each Container Turn-In Gives 2 Guild Bank Slots.
[Birch Guild Container] x3 unlocks slot # 6 to 10 (No Guild Level Required)
[Cedar Guild Container] x5 unlocks slot # 12 to 20 (Required Guild Level 5+)
[Pine Guild Container] x5 unlocks slot # 22 to 30 (Requires Guild Level 10+)
[Hemlock Container] x5 unlocks slot # 32 to 40 (Requires Guild Level 20+)
Guild Bank Slots purchased with Tokens do NOT have any affect on the slots you can unlock with Containers and are treated separately.

Q: Why do I see (Exempt) while I'm combining patterns with a Create Rate buff/perk active?

A: Any pattern that shows (Exempt from Create Rate Buffs) when displaying the pattern are exempt from any Create Rate (CR) buffs. This is in place so players can't exploit the CR buff to create 2 buildings (per combine), or other large items that require a lot of materials to create. Double Exp, Masteries and Timer Reduction buffs still work fine on all patterns.

Q: If I support the game, where does the money go?

A: The money goes directly to paying for the high end web hosting I have purchased to run the game. I made sure my hosting was adequate for the game to grow and so players have the best game experience possible. The hosting has dedicated resources to the server and uses a cloud SSD hard drive service to provide stellar response times and a great game-play experience. Currently with room to grow, as the player base increases I will constantly be monitoring the server and add resources proactively to keep with the high standards that I believe in. Any extra money will be used to compliment development on the game and possibly more graphics for monsters and characters.

Q: How long has Drakor been around?

A: Drakor as a game has been around for many many years now. It all started back in 2005 when I decided as a hobby to develop a game and to learn the PHP coding language while doing so. It was built over many years and I didn't promote it at all so the player base was made up of friends, guildies from other games or players who found the game on Google.
Development on the first version of Drakor stalled in 2011 as the game was poorly designed and it was difficult to add new content.
Fast-forward to Spring 2014. With my web development skills being way more refined. I decided to totally redesign/re-code Drakor from scratch into a new game. Over the last few months the game has had major updates and has went through Closed Beta and Launched into Open Beta (Oct 6th, 2014). Currently with 10k+ players registered since launch. It seems that Drakor will live on for many years to come.