52 Online
Game Stats
5,369,608 Battles
66,753,883 Items
52 Online
Game Stats
5,369,608 Battles
66,753,883 Items

Combat System

Do you like combat? Are you competitive? Want to acquire Epic & Legendary loot to be the best? You've found the right game. Stop playing those simplistic "attack, attack, heal" combat systems. Try something with a little more strategy and meat on it's bones.

Note: We do NOT place a timer in-between combat rounds either.

Combat is a huge part of Drakor and rightfully so. We have developed a uniquely streamlined and detailed combat system. Our system is way more advanced than similar text-based timer RPG games that are currently available online.

Battle Abilities

You get to take upto 10 battle abilities of your choosing into combat with you. You have the choice to select if you want to "use" or "pass" one ability per battle round.

Battle Round Details

Each Battle Round a coin flip happens to determine if the Player or Opponent gets to attack first that round. The winner is displayed in the round title bar. After this the Player and Opponent ability selections are displayed (with a clickable icon for review) as well as your combined (combat + magic) basic attack for that round.

End of Round: Active Buffs & Curses: at the end of each round, the active buffs, curses & regen stats are processed on each opponent.

Victory or Defeat

The battle ends once one of the opponents drops below 1 hp. Defeat in Arena battles can sometimes reward you with a consolation price, while hunting in the world does not.

There is NO penalty for suffering defeat in combat. The combat system has a learning curve to how you should build your battle strategy. Give different techniques a try without fear of losing any exp or gear.

Battle Rewards

You can receive in-game gold, character experience (exp amount increases & decreases based on the difficulty of the opponent), and single or multiple loot drops that all vary in quality level!

Using Abilities

You can use abilities by clicking on the icon and selecting "Use Now!" or "Pass" or use the Quick Menu Buttons that show a small "Use" or "Pass" below and above the icons. The quick menu buttons allow for a better flow and streamlined battle once you get to know your strategy abilities.

Combat Key-bindings:

You can use your abilities in your Battle Strategy by also using the Keyboard keys #1 - 0 (1 associated with the first ability and 0 associated with the 10th one) If you would like to pass on the ability use the shift + associate # key. This helps the combat flow if you are used to using your keyboard instead of the mouse.

Pass-All (Premium Feature) is key-bound to the "-" key to the right of 0 at the top of the keyboard

Ability Durability

When a battle is created. All Abilities suffer a loss of 1 durability. If you pass on the ability or have not used the ability when the battle ends the durability is returned.

If you run or leave the battle without finishing it. You do not get the durability returned. Finish your battles! If you are more than likely going to lose, pass on your remaining abilities to save their durability.

The system will not allow you to create/start a battle if you have any equipped abilities with 0 durability remaining. Also you need to have at least one ability equipped in your Battle Strategy to start a battle.

NPC Arena Battles

NPC Arena Battles are Player vs NPC (Non-playing characters) which are system generated opponents that are created based on a number of factors including the difficulty setting you chose.

Arena Battles can be reviewed and re-watched in the Arena screen by other players. Want to see what others use in their strategy? review a few recent battles!

Offline PvP Arena Battles

In Development

Ranked PvP Arena Battles

In Development