50 Online
Game Stats
5,421,179 Battles
67,391,387 Items
50 Online
Game Stats
5,421,179 Battles
67,391,387 Items

Character Equipment & Stats

Equipment Slots

Each Character has the Following Equipment Slots:

Head, Arms, Chest, Hands, Legs, Feet, Weapon, Ring & Shield

Equipment can be swapped in and out of each slot from your Shared Inventory.

Equipment Augments & Enchants

Each Item can have One Augment & One Enchant applied to it to enhance it's stats. Augments and Enchants are both one-time-use items that permenantly attach to the target item. Augments & Enchants can be overwritten with a new Augment/Enchant, when this is done the current Augment/Enchant is destroyed.

Items that have a yellow tint background on the name means the Item is Augmented.

Equipment Rating

This rating is based on character level and the quality of gear and augments. This number changes as you level and upgrade or change items. This Equipment Rating will also be used in Armory Leaderboards and other comparisons.
General Rating Ranges:
Poor : 0 - 2
Average : 2 - 5
Good : 5 - 9
Great : 9 - 15
Legendary : 15 +

Equipment Compare

When viewing an item that is not equipped (from your inventory, or linked in chat, or wherever.) It also shows the comparison against the item you have equipped either up or down. This makes it very easy for you to compare your equipment before you equip the item.

Clicking the Compare Button will Toggle Fade the compare stats in and out.

= the item you are viewing has this amount above your current item.

= the item you are viewing has this amount below your current item.

Food Buff Slot

Each Character has a Food Buff slot where they can have One Food Buff Active at any given time.

(Future Release: Additional Slots for Neck, Mount, Achievement are added) as place holders)

Character Statistics

Hit Points (HP) - The Total amount of health your character has in battle before you lose the battle.
Combat/Magic - Combat & Magic add together for your base attack that happens during each round in battle and is separate from the battle abilities you use or pass on in battle. (Combat & Magic have NO effect on your battle abilities currently)
Defense - This uses a formula to create a Block Rating in battle. The higher your Defense the more Base attack you could potentially block each round in battle.
Regen - This heals you by a flat # of HP per round. ie> 5 Regen = 5 HP healed per round in battle.
Heal - This adds onto Heal abilities you use in battle. ie> You use a 20 HP heal (With a 10 Heal Stat) = 30 Total HP Healed that round.