48 Online
Game Stats
5,421,179 Battles
67,391,385 Items
48 Online
Game Stats
5,421,179 Battles
67,391,385 Items

Quests, Dailies & NPCs

Daily Quest System

Check out a great write-up by Persica on Daily Quests on the Wiki : Daily Quests for Beginners

General & Event Quests

You can find NPCs (Non-Playing Characters) throughout the world of Drakor. Some of these NPCs have quest tasks that they need performed for gold, items and other rewards.This is what they will look like when traveling around.

Patrick the Miner (Talk)

You than click on them in game to talk with them. If you decide to accept the quest task they are asking for you to perform. Choose the option that will accept it. If you don't want to accept it, you can decline the task.

Quest Tasks

There are various quest tasks:
  • Gather Materials
  • Kill a specific creature in a specific area
  • Kill a # of Creatures in a specific area.
  • Quest Rewards

    There are various quest rewards!
  • In game Gold
  • Character EXP
  • Keys (unlock dungeons and other content areas)
  • Bags of Loot!
  • and more...