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Game Stats
4,060,964 Battles
49,432,813 Items
98 Online
Game Stats
4,060,964 Battles
49,432,813 Items

Drakor Release History

July 18, 2020

Release v3.32 (Note: This release requires a full browser refresh.)

Tradeskills Screen
- Tradeskills Screen now moved to the Overlay Window
- Opening the Tradeskills screen now doesn't interupt any working actions that are currently getting performed
- Added a Skill drop down filter on the Treadeskill page.
- Updated the UI a bit. makes the trades page easier to look at.
- Added "Event Items" to the new drop down filter on the Tradeskills inventory page

Fixed Bug: A few buttons when exploring drakor and exiting pattern trades were pointing to the old tradeskill location.
Fixed Bug: Unlock/Destroy item options when viewing items was missing with the new Tradeskill overlay.
July 19, 2020:
Fixed Bug: Moved the World Map area info tooltip to the bottom left corner, as it was causing problems traveling to Frozen Peaks.
Fixed Bug: Fixed Pagination, Enter key on search (submits form), and the sort order on the tradeskills page now works all together with the Have Mats check box and any search filtering applied.
Update: New players now start with 5,000 gold instead of 500. Any current players with less than 2,000 gold have been increased to 5,000.
July 20, 2020:
Added: Creature Bestiary added to the Manual for Creatures level 101-160.
August 19, 2020:
Added: New Premium "Night Time" profile theme created from the April - June 2020 promo. All players who qualified have been given the new theme.
August 23, 2020:
Added: New 'Cotton Cloudy' pet has been released from Apr/June Promo as well added to the Drakor Store for anyone who missed the promo.
August 24, 2020:
Fixed Bug: Fixed Animated Pet display issue on Premium Armory Pages. (they didn't align correctly with other pet types)
August 25, 2020:
Update: Changed Cotton Cloudy's Drop Type buff to increase Common drops instead of Superior

July 05, 2020

Release v3.31 (Note: This release requires a full browser refresh.)

Estates Update
- Fortress has been increased from level 60 to 70.
- Castle has been increased from level 80 to 100.
- Fortified Castle has been increased from level 110 to 130.
- Supreme Castle has been released with a level of 160.
- All Players who had the 3 top tiered Estates have had their buffs increased to the new level ranges.
- Updated the Estates Page to display all available future upgrades a player has.

Fixed Bug: Normal World Combat (over level 30) will not scale similar to dungeon bosses anymore.
Update: Increased Elite & Hard difficulty max/min thresholds a bit.
Update: All Combat Timers have been reduced from 12 seconds to 6 seconds.
Fixed Bug: Equipment Compare wasn't displaying any "missing" (displayed all in red) attributes on the item you were viewing. this is now working again.
Fixed Bug: Fixed Tokens link when viewing your own Armory Page
Fixed Bug: Fixed "Current Offers" link to pop out to a new tab/window on the My Account Page
Update: With Combat Timers reduced. The gold drop amounts from battles have been dropped a bit. The totals will still result in a BOOST to combat gold drops per session.

July 6, 2020:
Fixed Bug: New Enchanting orb created Cloud Orb. (There were Pure Orb x2) All Enchanting patterns 131-160 updated to use Cloud Orbs
Added: New Level 131-160 Ring Pattern added to the Rings make the world go around quest-line.
Added: New "Mystical Cache" Treasure Hunting node, this node is the 4th permanent TH node and will have 2-3x more charges than regular nodes.
Update: All Keys (131-160) have been linked to the new Chests for 131-160.
July 8, 2020:
Fixed Bug: Wyvern and Witik Markings now belong in their corresponding Inscription patterns. There was some duplication across both level ranges.
Added: Added Guild Bank and Hire Offline Worker actions in the new Logging Camp in the 131-160 expansion.
Added: 'Shoddy Tent City' area north of the Logging Camp. This also has Player Market, NPC Vendor, Tinker's Union, World Bank
July 9, 2020:
Update: Frozen nodes base costs have been updated.
Levels 1-70 now are all the same (lowest price),
Levels 71-130 prices have been lowered slightly.
Levels 131-160 are slightly higher and also guild nodes have been increases slightly.
July 10, 2020:
Fixed Bug: When you are over the Dungeon Bosses max level. The Boss will max out their level instead of randomizing their level.

July 04, 2020

Release v3.30 (Note: This release requires a full browser refresh.)

Isildian Forest & Arborel Plains
- New Content for Levels 131-160 Added
- New Areas/Creatures/Drops/etc Created
- Level Maximum Increased from 130 to 160
- Trade Materials and Patterns for 131-160 added for all Trade-skills
- New Creatures and Hunting areas to Conquer
- To Celebrate the Launch, I will enable some global perks for everyone.
- 22 New World Locations to Explore
- New Teleport: Quick Shrine, works the same as direct shrine but is 50% quicker

Dungeons v2.0
- Dungeon bosses has had their level ranges increased.
- Characters over level 30 no longer see bosses with "capped" equipment/battle strategy values
- Bosses now increase in difficulty over level 30 and beyond.
- When your over the Dungeon Bosses max level, their level is Maxed instead of Random
- New "Highest Boss Level" value on Dungeon progress page of your armory to show the highest level of that boss you defeated.

General Updates
- World Map now grows to fit the overlay window with minimum width/height values
- Adjusted the Item/Equipment display styles a bit. Made the Cards display a bit wider than normal.
- There is a new button when displaying Equipment, you click the "Split" button and it shows the Base stats on the item, the Augment Stats and the Enchant Stats all broken down into separate details. You can click the same button (Full) to combine them back for the display view.
- All Treasure Hunting Nodes raised to 160 Max Level
- All World Event Combat nodes raised to 160 Max Level
- Added some extra options for Frozen Node duration: 2/3/12 Hours & 4 Days
- Added a "Last Level Up" Field for Leader-boards. This will show exact timestamp when the person leveled up at their current level. Will help to order the correct leader-board order when players Max out their levels and for "World First" lists.
- Added a "Have Mats" checkbox on the Trade-skill Pattern display screen. If you check this off and hit search, it will hide any patterns that you do not have the materials for right now. It also shows "X patterns hidden from view..." messaging on each page to let you know how many patterns have been hidden because you do not currently have the materials. Hitting the X or just un-checking the box and hitting search again will display the full list again.

Fixed Bug: Gradient Player Titles now display correctly on Players Armory Pages.
Update: Changed the new Silver common drop in Mining to "Dark Silver" as Silver already existed.

May 28, 2020

Release v3.243

Chat Channel Highlight
- small quality of life update to highlight your default chat channel. (requires refresh)

May 31, 2020
Fixed Bug: The game was having issues sending out emails over the last couple days. this has been fixed.
June 12, 2020
Change: Beginner Exp for all Tradeskills has been increase from level 8 to level 20 (and the amount gained at lower levels is increased)
June 16, 2020
Change: World Golem Event combat node level range increased to 1-130

November 24, 2019

Release v3.24

Disenchanting Update
- Now you can select a min-max level range when DEing
- As well you can select what to display in your next DE list (Quality limit)
- Also I capped the response on the next DE item list to 25 items. (should speed up loading)
- Your DE settings save for he duration of your login session.

Combat QoL Update (Requires Browser Refresh)
- You can now use "Enter" hotkey to start the next battle and to also trigger the "Start Battle" button when you find a monster to fight.
- On loss you can now hit Enter key to go Back to Adventure or Back to Arena
- You can now also start combat nodes (Find Creatures) by hitting Enter on the travel screen (if one exists)

General Update
- Fixed some minor issues on the Mobile screen when working tradeskills

v3.241/2: November 26, 2019
Fixed Bug: when hitting enter key in the chat box it would open the arena, also when hitting enter on any input fields (DE min/max, etc)
December 1, 2019
Added: New Pegasus Mount added to the Drakor Store (Double Exp Buff, level 1-130)
December 8, 2019
Fixed Bug: Further added some fixes to the enter key for when travelling around the world. (Thanks to Bl00d for the script fix) (requires refresh)
December 15, 2019
Updated: Combat node level ranges in Reindeer Village been increased from 1-100 to 1-130

September 28, 2019

Release v3.23

Browser Tab QoL Update:
Now when you are working in Drakor. The Icon on the Browser tab will change colors
Over 60% remaining =
30%-60% remaining =
10%-30% remaining =
Under 10% remaining =

Smithing Update:
All Key patterns have been updated: Golemite Keys now take 3 bars (down from 4) and produce 5 keys (up from 3)
Copper/Tin Keys = 2 bars and 4 keys now (up from 3)
All other Key patterns requirements stayed the same, but now produce 5 keys instead of 3.

Fixed Bug: When selling inventory items or changing page # display options. ocassionally you can see a blank page and be stuck on that page. The game will now display a message stating the page is blank and a link to reload your inventory. which will place you on the next available inventory page. (that has items)

September 08, 2019

Release v3.22

General QoL Update
- Added Estimated Time remaining on node depletion (takes into account if other players are on the same node)
- Added Estimated Time remaining on all pattern combines as well.
- The Estimated time is based on your current timer (if you have global timer reduction / food buffs / etc) once those buffs expire you will see the adjusted estimated time after your next action.

Change - Invisibility Buffs: with the changes above, an unforeseen change in Invisibility Buffs have been reported to me. Now that I track some extra data in the game to enable the Estimated Time remaining. The Invis potion will only hide your location in the online list. The last active timestamp might update when you change locations/nodes/etc.

Fixed Bug: Guild nodes now display the correct estimated time to deplete, it was calculating based on all players from all guilds on that node previously.
Fixed Bug: Fixed the error with Disenchanting since the above related code changes.

September 13, 2019
Added: Opening Treasure Hunting Chests now have an estimated time of completion like other trades above.
September 23, 2019
Reminder: Type '/claim stork' in chat if you don't already have the Blue Winged Stork pet. You have until Oct 23rd to claim it, until it's gone until next year.

July 01, 2019

Release v3.21

Happy Canada Day (July 1) & US Independence Day (July 4)!

In-Game Mail Inbox/Outbox Update
- Updated the Interface for the Inbox and Outbox in-game mail screen
- Will help with cleaning large inboxes as the header of the inbox/outbox now is fixated to the top of the mail screen (while scrolling)

August 12, 2019:
- Added Platypus Mount to the Drakor Store and given it out to Mystral from the Apr/June 2019 Promo. The first 1-130 Mount in the game.
- Added a "Show Password" checkbox on the login screen as it was requested by a few users.
August 14, 2019:
- Added Fire Imp pet to the Drakor Store and given it out to Whipser who picked the pet from the Oct/Dec 2018 Promo.

March 02, 2019

Release v3.2

Fenrir's Mountain & Katheyrian Lake:
- New Content for Levels 101-130 Launched
- Trade Materials and Patterns for 101-130 added for all Tradeskills
- Maximum Level raised to 130
- 25 New World Locations to Explore
- New Creatures and Hunting areas to Conquer
- To Celebrate the Launch, I will enable some global perks for everyone.

General Updates:
- Now the Ignore Event drops page displays ALL trades on the page (not just the active trade)
- New Announcement System for when Goz needs to Announce updates/features in Chat
- All Treasure Hunting Nodes raised to 130 Max Level
- Added a Confirmation for Dropping Ritual Shrines
- Added Code Fix to disable buttons (Loot Bags) after clicking once. This should fix the Loot Bag ID not found error.
- Dark Golemite Bar and Red Golemite Bar Pattern has been added to Addicted to Ore Questline
- Added Sort Alphabetically Links on Pattern Mastery and Trade Inventory (Matery & More sections)
- Improved the Descriptions for Disenchanting Dropped Materials
- Added New Player Estate "Fortified Castle"

Note: This Update Requires a Browser Refresh

Fixed Bug: Fixed display text issue when Daily Quest gives Mystery Gold (wasn't displaying the name)
Fixed Bug: Daily Quest Reward data should now track mins of Mystery Gold Received correctly now
v3.201: March 2, 2019
Fixed Bug: A few buttons were getting broken from the Loot Bag Bug fix. Refresh Required to Fix.
Fixed Bug: Ethereal Orb already existed, new 101+ item is now called "Pure Orb".
Fixed Bug: New Mountain Foundry will now allow you to combine patterns and work trades there correctly.
March 3, 2019
Added: The Teleport: Direct Shrine pattern reward has been added to the "(Inscription) Facts about Teleportation" Quest line
March 4, 2019
Update: Freezing Node Prices have been permanently reduced by 50% for all Level Ranges (Including Guild Nodes)
March 6, 2019
Fixed Bug: Blood Golemite Bar and Chrome Golemite Bar patterns have been fixed. (and are now can be purchased and used)
Added: Level 71-100 Treasure Hunting Chest Keys have been added into the game (and their patterns)
Fixed Bug: Linked all of the new 101-130 Treasure Chests with their new 101-130 key!
March 9, 2019
Added: Included the new 101-130 Ring pattern into the Jewelcrafting Quest Line
March 17, 2019
Update: All Event Drops that had a max level of 100 has been increased to the new max level of 130
Added: The manual will now display where a pattern is purchased if it's only available from a specific location.
April 7, 2019
Promo Winners from January - March 31 2019 - Have been Announced - Congrats to everyone and thank you for your continued support
Added: New "Happy Slime" pet added to the Drakor Store
Added: New "Insert Title Here" title from the Aug-Sept Promo given out to everyone who met the threshold.
Update: Added/Tweaked the current Token Promotions in the Drakor Store.
Update: Increased 40+ world event patterns to have a level range from 1-130 (like the collection drops)
Fixed Bug: Armory Pages now take into account Millions of Exp on the Tradeskill bars. (was causing a cosmetic bug on the page)
Fixed Bug: The light blue Easter Drakor logo will now be displayed until the end of April (to go along with Easter this year)
April 26, 2019
Update: Increased drop rate for Rescued Chick event item.
May 26, 2019
Added: New "Shadowy Figure" pet added to the Drakor Store
May 28, 2019
Fixed Bug: Shadowy Figure buff is now displayed correctly on the Pets page. (Invisibility)
June 16, 2019
Fixed Bug: Guild Node Exp had a calculation error that was displaying incorrect % complete.
Added: Smithing Chest patterns for levels 30-130 added (30-40 Iridium Chestplate, 40-50 Adamantite Chestguard, 51-70 Titanium Chestplate, 71-100 Mithril Chestguard, 101-130 Maganese Chestplate)
Update: All Smithing Manganese items will now be created with different icons associated with them.
Added: Cooking Patterns level 51-100 Supreme Treasure Hunting Elixir and Level 101-130 Sunlight TH Elixir
June 30, 2019
Added: New Wombat pet added to Drakor Store & Given it out to all players who met the threshold in the Oct/Dec promo

December 23, 2018

Release v3.103/v3.104

2 New Premium Features
- Both of these are purchased in the Drakor Store
Random Login Title - enable/disable it on your My Account page. It will randomly select one of your owned titles each login.
/afk chat command - after you unlock this, you can just type /afk to enable/disable this feature. it will post in your guild chat and display on the online list when you are AFK.
- If you previously owned the old "is AFK" Player title, you automatically now own the /afk premium feature. (requires you to re-login to use it)

General Updates
Added: Now when displaying required materials for patterns. It will display information on how many combines you could make from each material that is needed. This allows you to quickly see which item you need more of to create more of the specific pattern.
Added: Santa has been added for the Happy Holidays 2014 - 2018 Quest line with his 2018 presents to players.
Updated: Chat Whispers
- When you whisper a player who doesn't exist, you get an error and the whisper is NOT sent.
- When you whisper a player who is set to AFK. you get a notice the player is AFK and the whisper is still sent
- When you whisper a player who hasn't been active in 3 hours, you get a notice and the whisper is still sent.

Fixed Bug: When active in the world market, it would make your work action restart without finishing it.
Fixed Bug: When browsing the world market while having a teleport active, the teleport wouldn't complete as expected.

December 24, 2018 - v3.104
Added: Created a retry mechanism for any timeout requests to the server. This should fix any timers from getting stuck at 100%, requires a browser refresh.
Added: the food buff box now displays while unlocking treasure chests.
December 31, 2018
Updated: Changes the default daily quest view. It now displays in-progress dailies at the top, claimable dailies (completed but didn't claim the reward) 2nd and then completed quests at the bottom.
Fixed Bug: Quest NPCs were disappearing the day of the event closing. They are now around until the event ends at midnight on the last day.
January 5, 2018
Updated: Tweaked the Pet Activate button so it doesn't cover any important information on the pets page now.
Promo Winners: The Oct-Dec Token Promotion Winners have been Drawn and posted in the forum and direct in-game mail contacted. The Custom Tokens and Pet Naming Tokens have also been given out to everyone who met the thresholds in the promo.
Added: New Pet "Wildebeest" dreamed up by Bones (Feb/Mar 2018) Promo has been added to the Drakor Store for purchase.

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