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Game Stats
4,720,234 Battles
58,273,970 Items
71 Online
Game Stats
4,720,234 Battles
58,273,970 Items

Drakor Release History

April 01, 2022

To Do List

Patching Short-term Priorities (no particular order)
Done - Guild / World Events / Raids
Done - Feature to combine Ring and Tools together to make large level ranges (Tinkering Update)
- Bug Paypal purchases showing Anonymous even wehn it's not checked off in My Account.
- Combat Pets / Pet Battles / Pet Skills Systems
- Increase Battle Item Durability * 2 and also streamline fixing Epic/Legends with Scrolls/Runes
- Update the Market QoL and Flow (Add to current listings, expire listings, sorting, etc)
- Personal Estates/Houses 2.0
- Update Global Perks from popup to page overlay > allow 1hr purchase blocks and cliam blocks
- New Skill System / Classes / Races / Combat System / With Autobattles
- Revamp Profile Pages (add description field, styling templates, tabs for pets/mounts, trades, etc..)
- Add /ginvite command and accept links for quick guild invites.
- Explore option to add Randomness to Hallucination Buff (different effects each time)

- Add in 65+ Nodes into the game.
- 70+ Content Update
- Investigate Issue with Market Items not being able to be sold sometimes (button doesn't work)

note: When players hit max level don't let them progress into level (for leaderboards)

- Add in Exp Bar for Combat (Battle Screen)
- an cancel on either side for pending trades and the removal of items from the list after they have been put into trade
- Add Description around new exp system in Manual
- Option to have custom colors on 1 pet
- Possibly add direct message to player in chat once a quest step/task is completed.

I wanted to ask again (not sure I got the first one written well) that Settlements be added to the 1st set teleports. And again, for the target destination be put on the inventory icon

New Features

Ok here are my suggestions in a random order:
3) Add a quick dirty sell button next to each item at the loot page!
4) In the top bar or somewhere over there, add a mini window displaying current exp bar and other info like this? Takes too much time to go to Account page only for this when grinding!
5) Make it possible so that people can co-donate tokens in order to activate a global perk! So a perk needs 30 tokens, if 30 people donate 1 token each it should be activated.
6) When selecting an amount of something, like for example when you select how many items to create from a tradeskill.. instead of using a dropdown list and having users scroll down for ages, you could use a slidebar or a text-field for the number and 2 buttons next to it for increasing or decreasing the amount. It could look like this: - |number field| +

- Linking Items that were just crafted (from trade window)
- Linking of Patterns in Chat
- Check if 0 inventory before working trades and notify.
- Mail system, multiple delete option, also update #msgs and color
- ability to toggle off confirm of selling items
- Ability to drop/destroy trade mats anywhere.
- chat system upgrade? ability to create chat channels? password?
- change/customize chat colors
- when opening patterns close to bottom of screen show it upwards like in chat avatar boxes.
- player to player trading?
- Ability to open inventory/trade inventory in new overlay window while working trades?
- add in ability to freeze resource depletion
- sizeable / maximize chat button.
- use arrow keys to travel?
- Make purchasing world bank slots more clear for multiple characters on one member
- Look at Defense & Block Rate?
- Differentiate combat/magic icons for each ability
- chat should work with /c /me actions.
- Fast Travel System > from towns to certain locations > incremental gold price > increase travel
- Chance while travelling to find "drops", "materials" or hidden areas.
- Don't allow mutiple shares of levelups (clicking link) save in db the share
- check if skill is already learned. as it can charge you multiple times.
- look into tracking individual battle stats

Player Armory

Improve Guild Pages & Player Profiles

- Add NPC Vendors to have Inventory to sell.

Equipment Feature
What do you think of having items that are restricted by Class, race AND level (which will result in players finding things that they cannot use), the thought behind this is that it should encourage player trading. Also when making items you can choose to make then unrestricted, or lock them down to class/race (this may also be based upon tradeskill level too, so a L1 smith can only make unrestricted items), the advantage of making an item for a specific race/class is a slight bonus to the stats the items give when worn.

I also considered that in the case of class restrictions there are three grades, if an item is made for a healer and your primary skill is healer, then you get full benefit, if healer is your secondary skill you get half benefit and if it is neither then you cannot wear the item?

Player Mounts

Travel & Inventory Increase?

Combat System

Add Resists to Cards, Cards get less powerful as you level

Trades Systems

Add More Mining, Fishing, Gathering, Logging Areas
- Explore Idea of having Equipment to help your trades (Reduce Timer, %Drops, etc)
- Basic Tools, Upgradeable in a Tools/Equipment Trades Gear Page, upgrade equipment/tools by quests, patterns, etc.
- Explore Cooking Output : Burnt vs Regular
Required Item to be equipped or in inventory to mine/fish/etc? (still deciding)
Create Patterns/Recipes for Gem Cutting, Smithing, Cooking, Enchanting, Alchemy
- Node finding ability? Until somebody find it, then it's public.
Make Disenchanting Work!

Ghost Players

Race Passive Skills

Human : +Magic / Wizardry
Elf : +Heal /
Dwarf: +Defense / Stoneskin
Troll: +Attack / Battle Fury
Goblin: +Regen / Lifeblood

Class Bonuses

Primary = +5% / Secondary = +2.5%?

Achievement Cards

Make them work
Add more Achievement Cards

Referral Program

Help System / Manual

Game Info: Characters (Passive Abilities), Skills (?), Ghost Players, NPC, Gold, Premium Features, Store, Referral Program, Chat, Packs of Cards, Weapons, Battle Cards, Durability, Achievements, Pets (?), Trinkets (?)


- Create Guild Raid System, Resets weekly

April 01, 2022

Release v3.342/1

Quality of Life Update
- You can now search by multiple items in the tradeskill materials filter you just need to add commas between your search items.
- Example: quartz,ore,apple will filter all items with those terms in them.
- Added a Copy Search Filter to Clipboard button on the Pattern view (under the Material list). to be used in the new multi-item filter

December 17, 2021

Release v3.341

Quality of Life Updates
- Added the Find another Creature button on the Defeat combat screen
- Added the QTY you have of an item on the Material detail popup.

Feb 4, 2022
- Auto-sell prices were increased from 20% of NPC price to 75%. Starting today with Valentine's day event.

October 22, 2021

Release v3.34

Multiple Characters! - Enable/Disable Character Feature
- Added a new feature players can disable their character (it will log you off) but then log back in and be able to create a new character from scratch.
- You can create a maximum of 3 characters.
- You can only have 1 character active at a time.
- disabling a character does NOT delete it. You can re-enable that character again without any issues.
- This feature allows new and old players alike to experience the game from the beginning again without the need for any intervention from tech support.
- You can find this feature on the My Acount screen

October 25 2021
- Added "Furball" Animated Pet from the Oct-Dec 2019 promotion. Given out to all who qualified as well added to the Drakor Store.

April 08, 2021

Release v3.331 (this release requires a full browser refresh)

General Updates
- Added in a new feature that when you click on the "you have un-read mail" reminder links they will all disappear from your chat display.

May 12, 2021
Bug Fix: Changed how player trading works, when you add a 2nd amount of the same material (gold or material) into a player trade, the 2nd quantity is the new quantity you wish to trade, it no longer "adds onto" the quantity you had already added.

June 4, 2021
Update: The Sell All feature now has a max limit of 750 items sold at a time. There were a few issues of players selling 1,000s of items at a time which caused an error and for Players to not receive the gold.

February 07, 2021

Release v3.33 (this release requires a full browser refresh)

General Updates
- Updated all game actions to re-try when receiving any error from the server. This should fix the issue with sporadic stuck 100% timers.

February 14, 2021
- Updated so all "easy difficulty" daily quests created that are level 30 or under are now collection/combine daily quests. no more CR or DR or Specific Location/Material quests.
February 19, 2021
- I've extended the Valentine's day event for an extra day. Good luck!
February 20, 2021
- updated sorting for when multiple combat nodes are in a location. they now display Easiest to Hardest. In order.
March 30, 2021
- Found a performance issue with one of the related Equipment Inventory database tables. All actions around your inventory should be much faster to load now, (loading inventory page, sell all, disenchanting, etc.)
April 2, 2021
- I have re-written the Database query that loads your Equipment Inventory pages (Inventory Page). It has been optimized, even players with 10s of thousands of items will have their inventory load much much faster now.

July 18, 2020

Release v3.32 (Note: This release requires a full browser refresh.)

Tradeskills Screen
- Tradeskills Screen now moved to the Overlay Window
- Opening the Tradeskills screen now doesn't interupt any working actions that are currently getting performed
- Added a Skill drop down filter on the Treadeskill page.
- Updated the UI a bit. makes the trades page easier to look at.
- Added "Event Items" to the new drop down filter on the Tradeskills inventory page

Fixed Bug: A few buttons when exploring drakor and exiting pattern trades were pointing to the old tradeskill location.
Fixed Bug: Unlock/Destroy item options when viewing items was missing with the new Tradeskill overlay.
July 19, 2020:
Fixed Bug: Moved the World Map area info tooltip to the bottom left corner, as it was causing problems traveling to Frozen Peaks.
Fixed Bug: Fixed Pagination, Enter key on search (submits form), and the sort order on the tradeskills page now works all together with the Have Mats check box and any search filtering applied.
Update: New players now start with 5,000 gold instead of 500. Any current players with less than 2,000 gold have been increased to 5,000.
July 20, 2020:
Added: Creature Bestiary added to the Manual for Creatures level 101-160.
August 19, 2020:
Added: New Premium "Night Time" profile theme created from the April - June 2020 promo. All players who qualified have been given the new theme.
August 23, 2020:
Added: New 'Cotton Cloudy' pet has been released from Apr/June Promo as well added to the Drakor Store for anyone who missed the promo.
August 24, 2020:
Fixed Bug: Fixed Animated Pet display issue on Premium Armory Pages. (they didn't align correctly with other pet types)
August 25, 2020:
Update: Changed Cotton Cloudy's Drop Type buff to increase Common drops instead of Superior
November 21, 2020
Update: Changed the Disenchanting Item list to sort by Quality then Level.
December 10, 2020
Update: All World Event items have been increased to max level 160.
December 17, 2020
Update: updated dismiss of 10 min inactivity warnings, now clicking on one will dismiss all active messages.

July 05, 2020

Release v3.31 (Note: This release requires a full browser refresh.)

Estates Update
- Fortress has been increased from level 60 to 70.
- Castle has been increased from level 80 to 100.
- Fortified Castle has been increased from level 110 to 130.
- Supreme Castle has been released with a level of 160.
- All Players who had the 3 top tiered Estates have had their buffs increased to the new level ranges.
- Updated the Estates Page to display all available future upgrades a player has.

Fixed Bug: Normal World Combat (over level 30) will not scale similar to dungeon bosses anymore.
Update: Increased Elite & Hard difficulty max/min thresholds a bit.
Update: All Combat Timers have been reduced from 12 seconds to 6 seconds.
Fixed Bug: Equipment Compare wasn't displaying any "missing" (displayed all in red) attributes on the item you were viewing. this is now working again.
Fixed Bug: Fixed Tokens link when viewing your own Armory Page
Fixed Bug: Fixed "Current Offers" link to pop out to a new tab/window on the My Account Page
Update: With Combat Timers reduced. The gold drop amounts from battles have been dropped a bit. The totals will still result in a BOOST to combat gold drops per session.

July 6, 2020:
Fixed Bug: New Enchanting orb created Cloud Orb. (There were Pure Orb x2) All Enchanting patterns 131-160 updated to use Cloud Orbs
Added: New Level 131-160 Ring Pattern added to the Rings make the world go around quest-line.
Added: New "Mystical Cache" Treasure Hunting node, this node is the 4th permanent TH node and will have 2-3x more charges than regular nodes.
Update: All Keys (131-160) have been linked to the new Chests for 131-160.
July 8, 2020:
Fixed Bug: Wyvern and Witik Markings now belong in their corresponding Inscription patterns. There was some duplication across both level ranges.
Added: Added Guild Bank and Hire Offline Worker actions in the new Logging Camp in the 131-160 expansion.
Added: 'Shoddy Tent City' area north of the Logging Camp. This also has Player Market, NPC Vendor, Tinker's Union, World Bank
July 9, 2020:
Update: Frozen nodes base costs have been updated.
Levels 1-70 now are all the same (lowest price),
Levels 71-130 prices have been lowered slightly.
Levels 131-160 are slightly higher and also guild nodes have been increases slightly.
July 10, 2020:
Fixed Bug: When you are over the Dungeon Bosses max level. The Boss will max out their level instead of randomizing their level.

July 04, 2020

Release v3.30 (Note: This release requires a full browser refresh.)

Isildian Forest & Arborel Plains
- New Content for Levels 131-160 Added
- New Areas/Creatures/Drops/etc Created
- Level Maximum Increased from 130 to 160
- Trade Materials and Patterns for 131-160 added for all Trade-skills
- New Creatures and Hunting areas to Conquer
- To Celebrate the Launch, I will enable some global perks for everyone.
- 22 New World Locations to Explore
- New Teleport: Quick Shrine, works the same as direct shrine but is 50% quicker

Dungeons v2.0
- Dungeon bosses has had their level ranges increased.
- Characters over level 30 no longer see bosses with "capped" equipment/battle strategy values
- Bosses now increase in difficulty over level 30 and beyond.
- When your over the Dungeon Bosses max level, their level is Maxed instead of Random
- New "Highest Boss Level" value on Dungeon progress page of your armory to show the highest level of that boss you defeated.

General Updates
- World Map now grows to fit the overlay window with minimum width/height values
- Adjusted the Item/Equipment display styles a bit. Made the Cards display a bit wider than normal.
- There is a new button when displaying Equipment, you click the "Split" button and it shows the Base stats on the item, the Augment Stats and the Enchant Stats all broken down into separate details. You can click the same button (Full) to combine them back for the display view.
- All Treasure Hunting Nodes raised to 160 Max Level
- All World Event Combat nodes raised to 160 Max Level
- Added some extra options for Frozen Node duration: 2/3/12 Hours & 4 Days
- Added a "Last Level Up" Field for Leader-boards. This will show exact timestamp when the person leveled up at their current level. Will help to order the correct leader-board order when players Max out their levels and for "World First" lists.
- Added a "Have Mats" checkbox on the Trade-skill Pattern display screen. If you check this off and hit search, it will hide any patterns that you do not have the materials for right now. It also shows "X patterns hidden from view..." messaging on each page to let you know how many patterns have been hidden because you do not currently have the materials. Hitting the X or just un-checking the box and hitting search again will display the full list again.

Fixed Bug: Gradient Player Titles now display correctly on Players Armory Pages.
Update: Changed the new Silver common drop in Mining to "Dark Silver" as Silver already existed.

May 28, 2020

Release v3.243

Chat Channel Highlight
- small quality of life update to highlight your default chat channel. (requires refresh)

May 31, 2020
Fixed Bug: The game was having issues sending out emails over the last couple days. this has been fixed.
June 12, 2020
Change: Beginner Exp for all Tradeskills has been increase from level 8 to level 20 (and the amount gained at lower levels is increased)
June 16, 2020
Change: World Golem Event combat node level range increased to 1-130

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