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Game Stats
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41 Online
Game Stats
5,421,179 Battles
67,391,373 Items

Drakor Release History

December 19, 2014

v2.23 BETA (open)

Hall of Drakorian Archives
Found within Danof. The archives have opened and on display the first instalment of Drakor's Brutal History. Find out details about The Rheonic Wars, Betrayal, Murder, World Events, Important People, Dragons, Golems and the mysteries that devour Drakor's History. Also get a good understanding of the world, it's races and more.

Also added in the Brief Race Histories in the Drakorian Archives as well.

Happy Reading!

Mini-Patch: December 21, 2014
- Now Guild Leaders can demote themselves within the guild (as long as there is at least one other Guild Leader)
- Put in a Fix for the Time Mechanic Bug. Hopefully this fixes most of the issues surrounding this bug. If you see more, please let me know. I'm still tracking these errors and will review them every few days.

December 18, 2014

v2.22 BETA (open)

Danof Revitalized & Expanded
From the Gates and inward, check out the newly revitalized town of Danof! More imaginative and connected to world events, rewritten area descriptions bring some of Drakor’s historical lore to light. Five all new areas have been added expanding the town’s potential for upcoming quests and adventures. This is just the beginning! Be sure to watch as the wave of revitalization spreads ever outward, adding more depth to the world around you!

New Player Trade Skill Exp Bonus
- Now all Trade skills give a Beginner bonus that slowly degrades over the first 5 levels of all trade skills.
To help you get started in any or all trades. Similar to the Beginner bonus that was already in-game for combat levelling.
- At level one you get +5 exp bonus per collection or combine. Each level you go up it loses 1 bonus point. Level 2 = +4, Level 3 = +3 and so on. Level 6 you start normally with no beginner bonus.

Disenchanting Screen
- It now shows your current location at the top of the Disenchanting screen.

December 16, 2014

v2.21 BETA (open)

'Repair All' Button
- Added Premium Feature 'Repair All' now available in the Drakor Store, this is a permanent upgrade. It allows you to fix all of your equipped Battle Abilities (Rare and Below) with one click. It's located on the Inventory Screen to the left of your Battle Rating.

- Added Santa Hat to the Drakor Logo to get a "little" festive. Happy Holidays! =)
- Added in the Next step to Increase your World Player Market Vendor Space.

Fixed Bug: You couldn't view forum topics & replies, When the author didn't have any trade skills started.

December 11, 2014

v2.2 BETA (open)

World Content Upgrade!
- Explore the City of Poi and it's surrounding areas, Alphonse Industrial's mining/logging areas, Trehos Forest & more.
- Maximum Level Raised to Level 30 for Combat & All Trade skills
- Multiple Collection Nodes have been added for Fishing, Mining, Gathering, Ancient Research & Logging up to level 28-29.
- Added Patterns to get to Level 30 in Smithing, Enchanting, Construction, Alchemy, Jewelcrafting & Cooking
- All New Patterns are available in the City of Poi
- Added Patterns up to level 24 for Inscription (also added a new Teleport : Poi pattern)

Inscription & Ancient Research
- Added in the next step to the (Teleports) Inscription Quest line
- Teleportation Screen now displays which Teleport you are casting.
- Settlement of Lia : Ancient Research Node Range increased to include level 19

New Item Type! Rings!
- Rings have been added into the game.
- Rings will be made by Jewelcrafters (with the help of smithing to refine Ore into it's Purest form)
- They are the first "trade-skill" bonus type equipment in the game. (Magical type bonuses to your trades)
- Jewelcrafters can start their Ring quests in Danof to start to unlock the different Ring Patterns.

Battle Ability Repair
- Changed it so you can repair any item that is under it's maximum durability. (Rare and lower quality)

Battle Consolation Prizes
- You can no longer receive a consolation prize from losing a battle to an opponent of higher level than your character.

Characters Screen
- Characters Menu Item has been Removed.
- When you login now it auto-loads your Character into the game.
- When you Register into Drakor it will auto-load the Character Creation screen.

Global Perks System
- I took all of the various player feedback for Global Perks and Created what I think is a very fair Global Perks system (for both donators and non-donators)..
- Added a Drop Rate, Create Rate & Double Exp Global Perks.
- Each Perk can be "Activated" for a 24hr period.
- During each 24hr activation. Any player who logs into the game can "Claim a 1 hour buff" from the activated Perk. Only 1 (1 hour) buff per perk per player per 24hr activation.
- Perk Buffs do NOT stack with food buffs. Perks will overwrite Food Buffs and Food Buffs will overwrite Active Perk Buffs.
- The top Global Perks menu (at top of the screen when you are logged in) will show green if there is an activated Perk or Red if no perks are currently active.
- When Purchasing a Perk, you can choose to broadcast your character name as the purchaser or purchase the Perk anonymously.
- Global Perk buffs last 1 hour (real time) not play time. But will persist through login. (If you logoff by accident, when you come back on you will not lose the buff)

Create Rate Buffs & Perks
- Any patterns that result in 15 or more EXP are exempt from the Create Rate Buffs (any very large patterns, containers, etc.)

Fixed Bug: Durability Scrolls/Runes now become account bound on use.
Fixed Bug: Teleportation Scrolls now become account bound on use.

December 13, 2014
Fixed Bug: Pattern Type Skills (at level 20) were displaying exp gains but actually wasn't given any exp.
Fixed Bug: Items that weren't full durability couldn't be equipped.
Fixed Bug: Food Buffs & Global Perks weren't clearing from display while working pattern trades. (after it expired)
December 14, 2014
World Bank: Added the next step/task to unlock the 4th rank in the World Bank Membership

December 06, 2014

Ninja Patch BETA (open)

New Dungeon: Gristmore's Tower -unlocked-
- Level 18-20 Dungeon (2 Bosses)
- Includes 17-20 Hard Hunting area.

Player Market

- Now in the "Current Listing" section you can edit the listing price for your current auctions.
- There are fees associated with updating the prices.

Collection Trade Nodes
- Now collection nodes (logging, mining, fishing, etc) have a maximum of 15-25mins to respawn. (shorter for low levels)

Fixed Bug: After teleporting. If you didn't move and logged off, upon next login you would be in the old location prior to the teleport.

November 26, 2014

v2.18 BETA (open)

Alternate Characters
- Preparations have been put in place to lock/hide Alt characters
- They will not show up anymore in your accounts. They are _not_ getting deleted. But you can not play them or see them anymore. (This will happen anytime after Dec 1st) so please clean out their personal banks if you've opened a world bank membership.
At some point once they're locked I will:
- Refund Quest Items, Tokens and Gold Spent
- Any Trades where your Alt Character was higher than your main. That level will be transferred to your main.

Travelling the World
- Now when you are travelling and a specific Travel Graphic shows, the travel progress bar now displays at the bottom of the image so you can see the image unobstructed.

Tradeskills Farming Low-Level Nodes/Patterns
Now you will get some exp when before you wouldn't get any. Scenarios below:
- Now when you start farming a low level nodes (or DE), any materials that would've normally given you 2 or more EXP (Superior+ Materials) now gives you 1 exp if you are above the nodes/item max level.
- When combining low level patterns. Any patterns that give you 5 or more exp per combine, now will give you 20% (rounded down) of the original Pattern EXP per combine when you are above it's max pattern level.

Fixed Bug: The Random Title Generator was showing an error when loading the Support Drakor page before loading a character.
Fixed Bug: The Equipment Ratings weren't being "calculated" correctly. They were a little higher than they should've been.

November 22, 2014

Ninja Patch BETA (open)

- Added another step to the "Addicted to Ore" mining/smithing questline.
- Added some high-end patterns between level 1-20 for smithing, Enjoy!

Fixe Bug: Styling issue when working ancient research (some text hidden behind another area)

November 19, 2014

v2.171 BETA (open)

Guild & Drakor Forums
- Now it displays your player title on your Posts & Replies in the Guild & Drakor Forums.
- Now when a guild or main forum "reply" is shared in chat, you click on the link in chat it auto-scrolls down to the actual reply.
- Officers/Guild Leaders can now delete topics in the Guild Forums (red X at bottom right hand corner of initial post in a topic)
- It now displays Officer & Guild Leader tags in guild posts/replies, similar to how GM and MODs are tagged in the Main Drakor Forums

Open Beta Promotion in Drakor Store
- Added a $99+ Promotion Level to Obtain a Unique Custom Title! That you pick (requires approval) & nobody else can ever use it.

Player Title System
- Added 15 New Player Titles to the "Random Title" system in the Drakor Store.
- Added Full Listing of Player Titles in the Manual

Fixed Bug: It was displaying the "Add Category" link on the Main forum to Guild Leaders
Fixed Bug: Chat was showing error message after checking for unread in-game mail messages.
Fixed Bug: Now you can't refill teleportation scrolls with gold.
Fixed Bug: Now you can't refill durability runes with durability scrolls.

November: 21, 2014:
Gave out "Friend of Drakor" and "Founder of Drakor" titles to players who have already hit the thresholds in the current promotion! I will do this every few days when more players hit the thresholds. Up until January 1st 2015.
Fixed Bug: A few times token purchases weren't getting deposited instantly into accounts.

November 18, 2014

v2.17 BETA (open)

Player Title System
- Added 50+ Player Titles purchasable with tokens in the "Random Title" system in the Drakor Store.

Drakor Store
- Added an Open Beta Promotion that started with all token purchases since Oct 6th (Launch) and ends January 1st, 2015.
- Tweaked the Store Design a bit. (Your Token Balance now follows you as you scroll)

November 15, 2014

v2.161 BETA (open)

World & Guild Banks
- Added a View button next to the deposit and withdraw drop downs. Now you can select an item from the drop down and click view to see the item you selected prior to withdrawing it or depositing it into either bank. To make sure it's the correct one.

Fixed Bug: When a guild forum topic title had a double quote in it. The title wouldn't show in the shared message in chat
Fixed Bug: 2nd part of the Market Vendor Quest can now be completed.

November 16, 2014:
Fixed Bug: Officers can now kick any members or recruits. (the option wasn't available before) But they can't kick a fellow Officer, until that Officer gets demoted to member or below. Guild Leaders can still kick any member regardless of rank.

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