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96 Online
Game Stats
4,033,263 Battles
49,033,600 Items

Drakor Release History

May 12, 2016

v2.8 BETA (open)

Estates v1.0 Launched!
- 7 Potential Upgrades for Estates. Starting with a Shack and upgrading all the way to a Palace.
- Estates offer multiple permanent buffs and increase in power the larger your estate becomes.
- Construction Players can help other non-construction players build estates.
- The game broadcasts to chat message once a player upgrades their estate.
- Estates have been added to everyones Armory Page.
- New Leaderboard has been added for Player Estates (Sorted by Estate Level, Created Date/Time, Player Name)

Drakor Store
- Lowered the Token Price for the Sell All and Repair All features.
- New Flying Squirrel Pet added to the Drakor Store (This was the pet chosen by Abracadaver)

Premium Tokens now sell-able on Player Market
- You can transfer 1 premium token for 1 [Drakor Store Token] in the store. [Drakor Store Token]s can be sold in the Player Market for in-game drakor gold to other players. Then in the Drakor store you can convert them back to premium tokens which can be used in the Drakor Store. There are no fees or penalties incurred with the Token Exchange System.

Fixed Bug: Removed some issues where actions were being tracked when they didn't need to be. (Which was causing smaller "filler" timers to show after a timer hit 0.)
Fixed Bug: Fixed styling on leaderboard for mobile players.

May 13, 2016
Fixed Bug: Two high end estate patterns were requiring the generalized wood. Updated them to be the Lumber equivalent
Fixed Bug: Added Nails to the Keep Pattern for Estates
Fixed Bug: Keep & Fort Pattern materials were swapped. Adjusted.
Fixed Bug: a bug caused players to lose their combined Shack Kits. this has been fixed. Please send in-game mail if this has effected you.

May 14, 2016
Fixed Bug: Pattern costs for Keep and Fort were still swapped. Fixed.
Fixed Bug: There was an issue with exchanging Premium tokens for [Drakor Store Token]. This should work correctly now for everyone in the drakor store.
Fixed Bug: There was an issue with Timer Reduction buffs not stacking with estates. I believe I have fixed this issue. Please post in the forum or mail me in-game if you still find this isn't working correctly with tools/rings/globals/estates/etc.

Quality of Life Updates

- Patterns now track each material with a check mark or x if you have the item or not.
- Material lists in patterns with x's next to them now show the (XX %) progress you have to the required materials.
- When creating trade materials with patterns, you can click on the output material now directly from the pattern working screen
- When starting a Pattern or Collection Trade. The game will warn you if you have a ring equipped that isn't for the trade you start working. It doesn't warn you if it falls outside of the level / node range to benefit from the rings effect, yet.
- Your armory page now shows all of your previous estate upgrades and the dates you accomplished them, listed under your current estate info.
- Now when displaying trade materials "details" it now also displays how many are listed on the Player market and the average price (directly below the # sold on market for avg price)

May 15, 2016
- Guild leaders are now allowed to remove gold from the guild coffers. Currently this is locked to Guild Leader Rank only.

May 03, 2016

v2.79 BETA (open)

Leaderboards Upgrade
- Total Collection & Pattern Masteries added to Leaderboards
- Individual Tradeskill Mastery Leaderboards added as well.

Create Rate and Drop Rate with Trade skills
- Now if you have multiple buffs stacked for CR or DR. They now can stack and are rolled separately.
- For example, if you use a DR Mining Ring, DR Tool and Successful Mastery, you would get +1 drop, +1 DR, +1 DR, +1 Mastery = 4
- Before all buffs/tools/rings DR & CR would not stack and only one success would be returned.

New Sabretooth Tigress Pet added from Feb-March Promo and given out to players who met the threshold in the Promo.

Fixed Bug: display on clicking on new Peryton Mount wasn't displaying the buff details correctly.
Fixed Bug: Now HTTPS links should generate/display correctly in chat.
Fixed Bug: Global Perks were reverting to 60%. They now correctly do 80%.

May 02, 2016

v2.78 BETA (open)

Global Perks get a Permanent Buff!
- Increased Create Rate, Drop Rate & Double Exp perks to 80% bonus up from 60%
- Increased Timer Reduction Global Perk to -25% up from -20%
- Token costs were not increased.

New Promo Mount Released
- Added and Given out New Peryton Mount to the game from the Feb-March Token Promo.
- Added functionality that mounts can now have multiple buffs. The Peryton has 2 active buffs 100% of the time.

Mounts & Pets won in Promo
- Now all pets and mounts display the names of the players who "Dreamed them up" from winning a Promo or Contest! Permanently giving them credit on the Pet/Mount page next to their related pet and mount creation.

Feb-March New Promo Pet Coming Soon!

April 25, 2016

v2.77 BETA (open)

Cleanup / Quality of Life
- Now items in your Inventory if they are tradeable (the sides of the icon will be dotted lines, bound items will have solid borders)
- World Bank Inventory is now viewable under Mastery & Other > World Bank (you can check this inventory from anywhere)
- Global Perk Wording fixed.
- Now when players are in hidden map areas (These areas don't show up on the mini-map while exploring, their blue dot won't show now.)

Guild Roster
- Now when clicking on Exp (daily, 7 days, monthly, etc) gain charts, it now sorts the output by the top contributing guildies!
- You can also now sort your roster by tradeskill level to see what your guild needs with trades. (drop down at top of roster)

Fixed Bug: Fixed a bug that caused an error sporadically when you a player loaded the Guild Roster page.

April 29, 2016
- Now your World Bank Inventory shows the same styling for tradeable items from the normal inventory.

April 12, 2016

v2.76 BETA (open)

- Goatertrike GT (Mount) Added to Drakor Store (First Mount in game)
- Added "is AFK" title to the Drakor Store as well given it to all $19+ donators from the Jan-Feb Promo

Fixed Bug: There was an issue with the calculations for "Total Exp". All Levels under 50 were re-calculated correctly. All Level 50s had an error in them and I had to restore from a backup this morning. so you might have a little less exp than you were expecting (and all level 50s has 250k too much exp showing in the total exp. this has also been fixed.)

New Spring Promotion Added to the Store:
All players with $24+ USD spent between April 1st - May 31st, 2016 will receive the Mount OR Pet that was chosen!!
All players with $19+ USD spent between April 1st - May 31st, 2016 will also receive the Player Title selected from Ballot Winner #3!
All players with $79+ USD spent between April 1st - May 31st, 2016 will also pick a Unique Custom Title.

BONUS: Every $24+ USD Spent during the promo period will give you a [Pet Naming Token], each token will have the ability to name a pet or mount of your choosing. (1 use per token, tokens will be tradeable/giftable.)

DRAW DETAILS: Every $19 USD spent between April 1st - May 31st, 2016 will get you one ballot in the draw.
First Ballot Drawn Gets to chooose a Mount OR Pet to be designed into the game.

2nd Ballot Drawn will win 400 tokens or a custom pet or custom mount (Winner gets the pet or mount only, it will be added to the store).
3rd Ballot Drawn will select the Player Title to be given out to Everyone who qualifies.

April 24, 2016
Fixed Bug: Fixed bug with Disenchanting Rings (DR & Double Exp) not working correctly.
Update: Now guildies in the online listing have their background color in green to easily spot them in the list and where they are.

March 26, 2016

v2.75 BETA (open)

Updated Leaderboards / Exp Gains
- Now when a player is Level Capped, exp is still given to guild exp and a player specific "total exp" field, for the related trade or combat.
- Leaderboards are now ordered by Level, Total Exp.
- Levels are still capped but now if you want to continue working your total exp to stay on top of the leaderboards. you can.
- Increased Leaderboard listings to 150 up from 100.
- I've generated how much total exp all players would have in trades / combat.
- You can see players "total exp" by mousing over their trade/combat level in the Leaderboard listing or mouse over the exp of any tradeskill in an armory profile.
Fixed Bug - Now when working a capped collection or pattern trade, you will see the total exp you gain instead of not seeing any exp.

Tool belts get graphical
- are now displayed like other equipment inventory and not a boring list.

Global Perks
- All Perk costs have been slightly reduced.
- Perk length has been increased to allow 1, 2 and 3 hr Global Perks now.
- Changed "Remaining Time" on a buff to display in green instead of red.
- Updated the Countdown Timers for Buffs / Global Perks to be much more specific. "X hrs X mins" and "X mins X s"..etc.

Easter is Back!
- Happy Easter Everyone
- Event Item Drops are active again
- Quests re-activated
- Rabbit Hole Access re-opened.

March 27, 2016
New - The Drakor Store now greys out the items from the store you have already purchased, and doesn't allow you to try to purchase it again.
April 2, 2016
New - Now you can link items to chat directly from the creation page while working Trades.

March 23, 2016

v2.74 BETA (open)

Toolbelts Part 2:
Fixed Bug: Now you can view other players Tool Belts through the Armory (instead of it just displaying your own)
New: Added the level at the end of each tool that is displayed in your tool belt.
New: enlarged the tool belt display box so tools didn't wrap over 2 lines.

Rings in Inventory/Amory
New: Enlarged the Ring Icon in Inventory/Amory and also changed the label from "Ring" to show the Ring type.
this update needs a refresh if you are on-line.

March 22, 2016

v2.73 BETA (open)

Tool Belts are Released
- All Players now have a Tool Belt.
- Tool belts can hold 1 tool of each trade skill that you have "learned"
- Basic Tools are always equipped by default in your tool belt, Basic Tools as an "Item in your inventory" have been removed from the game, NPC Vendor, etc. They are not longer needed in the new system.
- Player Equipment layout has been tweaked some. Now you will see the Tool Belt in-between your chest item and legs. Click to see a listing of all equipped Tools.
- Once a Player now "Learns" a trade, they can instantly start working on the trade.
- No longer will players need to "Swap" in and out tools to work different trades. The system uses the relevant tool by default.

March 18, 2016

v2.72 BETA (open)

Trade Materials: Total Sold on Market & Avg Price
- Now when you click on a trade material to display it's details. If it has a record of # sold on market and avg price /each. It will now display on that detail listing at the top of the screen. This will help players set their prices more according to the avg sale price of the market.
- Average Price = average sale price of the item in the market. this is not an average listing price. it's actual sales only. When you purchase from yourself it doesn't get added to this price.

March 09, 2016

v2.71 BETA (open)

First Mount has been released! (Picked by Manaburns in Dec-Jan Promo)
- Added Mount code into the game. your "Active" mounts travel speed buff will be present 100% of the time when the mount is active.

Goatertrike GT

March 10, 2016
Fixed Bug: the mount was causing some travel mechanic errors if travelling very quickly through multiple areas.
March 12, 2016
Fixed Bug: Disenchanting Timer Reduction Tools were not working correctly.
Fixed Bug: Timer Reduction Tools and Global Timer Reduction should stack correctly now.
Fixed Bug: When you had Global Timer reduction and a mount active it was causing Travel Errors.
March 15, 2016
Fixed Bug: Create Rate, Drop Rate and Double Exp Tools & Rings work correctly now, they were broken by accident when Timer Tools were fixed.

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