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Game Stats
4,484,655 Battles
54,992,203 Items

Drakor Release History

November 03, 2017

Release v3.02

Global Perks Revamp
- You can now purchase global perks for 1-5 hour durations
- Global Perks that are claimed do NOT use the food buff anymore. So they now stack with Food
- Global Perks can now be claimed together and stack with other perks.
- There is no limit to the globals that can be purchased now.
- When you have global perks claimed, you will now see icons at the top of the screen that when moused over say how long the perk is active for
- When you have a certain perk active, you can claim another of similar type and it will "extend" the current one you have active.
- This release requires a browser refresh, please do so if you haven't.

November 4, 2017
Fixed Bug: Timer Reduction stacking was not working correctly.
Update: Capped Timer Reduction bonuses to 50% for the time being while I do further investigation into the potential impacts from stacking of all buffs
Update: Global Perks page now displays the expiry for each perk, instead of having to mouse over it.
November 5, 2017
Fixed Bug: 2hr Global Perks were only charging the 1hr price.
New: Added Treasure Hunting Key (Smithing) patterns for Level 51-70
November 7, 2017
New: Added a small "button click" Bot Check to combat battles, this will also report to me bot failures as well.
November 8, 2017
Fixed Bug: Bot Checks will now work correctly within the Arena.
Update: Bot Checks for combat now display randomly, instead of a set # of battles.
November 14, 2017
Fixed Bug: Updated code for bot check in combat. it should only show up every 50-150 battles. let me know if this is not the case.
November 19, 2017
Fixed Bug: tracked down the issue with the bot checks not acknowledging successful bot checks, this should be working as intended now (only showing every 50-150 battles), this fix requires a refresh in the browser.
New: Mithril Ring (71-100) pattern has been added to the Rings Questline as a reward.

October 04, 2017

Release v3.00

Happy 3rd Birthday Drakor! (Oct 6th)

Gallion Plains / Adara Lake
- Level 71 - 100 Content has been released.
- 30+ more new areas to explore
- Many new monsters, patterns and materials to collect and create

Unlimited Personal Inventory
- The game has now moved to UNLIMITED Personal inventory
- All players who spent tokens on expanding their personal inventory will have 75% of the tokens spent refunded in their account!
- Guild Inventory is still available for purchase in the store and hasn't changed.

Frozen Nodes
- You can now freeze nodes across the lands of Drakor with Drakor Tokens
- When a node is frozen it doesn't matter how many players are at that node, the node will not start to deplete any further until the freezing expires.
- When a node is frozen, all players at that node can continue to work there AFK un-interupted until the node un-freezes and then depletes like normal
- Guild nodes _can_ be frozen (and it will propagate to all guilds who have the guild node unlocked and active)
- You can freeze a node for an unlimited amount of time.
- The higher the level of node, the more tokens it takes to "freeze it"
- You can freeze the node from the collection / working screen.
- You can list the current list of Frozen Nodes by typing /frozen in chat

Automated World Travel
- Now you can open the world map, click on a location you wish to travel too and you will travel to that location directly.
- This allows for an easier user experience when travelling the world.
- You can travel to all shown map locations, but not directly to Dungeons or Settlements
- Mount Travel bonuses have been tweaked to be percentage based to have a better impact on Automated Travel
- Travel Buffs are the only buffs that reduce Automated Travel (Timer Reduction does not)
- It now displays your current area with a red dot (doesn't display 'you' when mouseover the dot now) on the World Map and MiniMap
New - You can only use Auto World Travel when your current location is on the World Map (you will need to leave towns/etc...) before being able to use World Travel

Locked Inventory Items
- You can now click on the little lock when viewing an item to "Lock it"
- Any item that is locked can NOT be Disenchanted, sold to NPC or sold with using the sell all feature, until the item is un-locked
- The item can be listed on the Market for sale while locked.
- When viewing your inventory the item icons will display a lock when the item is locked

General Updates
- Naase's selected 'Vicious Beaver' pet has been added to the Drakor Store
- Purchasing Personal Inventory Slots have been removed from the Store.
- Travel Food Buffs are now % based and STACK with Mount Travel Buffs.
- Drakor World Map now is positioned to display Gallion Plains and Adara Lake correctly

- The Castle Pattern has been added into the game.

Fixed Bug: A few bugs were found with Auto World Travel
Fixed Bug: Displaying Pets/Mounts from Icons (non-items) were showing an error
Fixed Bug: Pattern skills were still enforcing inventory limits.
Fixed Bug: Fixed a few pattern issues in Enchanting, Cooking and Alchemy (all 71-100 patterns)
Fixed Bug: All Dark Cherry Handle related patterns 71-100 now use Mahogany Handles
October 5, 2017
Fixed Bug: When opening chests with Treasure Hunting, item drops won't display an inventory full message anymore.
Fixed Bug: Offline workers still would display Inventory Full messaging when collecting materials from them
Update: Quest rewards that used to give inventory slots have been changed to World Bank slots
October 7, 2017
Fixed Bug: You will not get inventory full errors now when purchasing from the NPC vendor.
Update: Vicious Beaver pet distributed to everyone who met the promo threshold during the April-May Promo.
New: Woolly Mammoth pet has been added to the Drakor Store for purchase.
Fixed Bug: The tradeskill nodes at Heart of the Plains and Cliffside Lean-To areas now sell patterns.
Fixed Bug: The World Map now correctly displays all of the new areas correctly (a few were hidden and weren't meant to be)
Update: 71-100 Smithing patterns were using Dark Cherry Handles instead of Mahogany Handles.
October 8, 2017
Fixed Bug: Celestial Runes in Ancient Research are now correctly 71-100 and not 51-70.
Update: Freezing nodes for Treasure Hunting has been increased to match guild node prices, as the essence of this trade is different than the others and should have an increased price.
October 14, 2017
Fixed Bug: Halloween Quests are now active.
October 15, 2017
Fixed Bug: Changed the Steel Bar pattern to now use Halloween related items instead of [Coal] which is used for the Winter Holiday.
New: Aug-Sept Promo Winners were announced in the forum, congrats to the winners! [Pet Naming Token]s and [Customize Token]s have been given out to everyone as well.

August 31, 2017

Release v2.996/1

New Premium Profile Theme
- Added The Wizard's Workshop Theme to the game. (first premium profile theme, inspired by Swami, June-july promo winner)
- Everyone who met the threshold can enable the theme on their armory page.
- This theme changes the styling of your Premium Armory Profile, colors, background image, etc.

Quality of Life Updates
- All Feeding Materials on the Pets page are now clickable to see detailed info on the material.
- Now when searching patterns, if you hit enter after typing your search, it will execute the search and not reload the whole page
- Moved the Tradeskills detail back onto the character (first screen) of the premium armory profiles

June-July Promo Rewards
- "Is Loving Summer" player title (chosen by Sasha) given out to everyone who met the $19+ threshold during the promo
- The Wizard's Workshop premium armory profile given out to everyone who met the $24+ threshold during the promo

Sept 19, 2017
Fixed Bug: fixed an exploit when creating non-stacking items with CR buffs, where it would create the item but not use the materials.
Sept 20, 2017
Fixed Bug: removed an inventory full message that showed up on every pattern create.

August 01, 2017

Release v2.995

Premium Armory Profiles
- New Biography Pages, Daily Quest Statistics and Graphs, Displays your Pets & Mounts
- Has the ability to apply/activate "themes" on your Profiles as well to further customize the look and feel.

General Updates
- Everyone who spent $24+ in the June/July promo got a free upgrade of the Premium Armory Profile
- This feature will be added to the Drakor store in the near future, but I wanted a sub-set of players to test it for any bugs first.
- I have also given out the Player Title that was chosen from the April-May promo by Bonechips to all players who met the $19+ during that promo
- I have given out all of the [Customize Token] and [Pet Naming Token]s to all players who met the thresholds in the June/July Promo
- Winners from June/July Promo will be drawn in the next day or two.

August 2, 2017
Fixed Bug: There was an issue viewing the premium armory profiles when you were not logged into the game.
Fixed Bug: It will not show "Hide Battle Strategy" button on other players profiles if you have the feature unlocked anymore.
August 7, 2017
Daily Quest Rewards: You can now obtain Tradeskill specific Player Titles randomly from completing daily quests. The player titles do NOT show up in the manual until at least one player has unlocked the title. But you can see how many titles have been added, just not what they are.
Fixed Bug: You will not receive a blank daily reward anymore as some have reported in the forums.
August 11, 2017
Fixed Bug: There was an issue with dailies giving out player titles, this has been fixed.
New: Added a listing of a players Obtained Titles from Dailies on the Premium Armory Profile under Daily Quests
August 13, 2017
Fixed Bug: Now when Accessibility mode (under My Account page) is turned on even with small screen resolutions. the traveling text is shown for North/South/East/West so screen readers still read the travel buttons correctly
New: Winners for the June-July Token Promo have been selected and posted in the forums. Congrats to the Winners!

May 12, 2017

Release v2.99 / v2.991 - 4

Daily Quest System
- You can obtain daily quests for each tradeskill. (1 quest per 24hrs per tradeskill)
- There are a variety of daily quests that you can randomly obtain.
- You can pick either an easy or hard daily quest
- The more days in a row you complete daily quests for a certain trade increase the chances for better rewards
- The more daily quests you complete each day also increase the chances for better rewards.
- Daily quests are dynamically generated by the level of your related Tradeskill
- Rewards are random and can range from Drakor Gold, Medals, Tokens, Customize Tokens, Pet Naming Tokens, and more...
- Gold Rewards from Daily quests also get Mystery Gold + Gold Drop buffs
- Gold Rewards range from 300g - 80,000g+ based on the level of the tradeskill/difficulty of the daily
- Statistics around Daily Quest completion and rewards are now being tracked for future Leaderboards

General Updates
- Gold from Unlocking Chests is now affected by Gold Drop Buffs.

Valais Blacknose Mount
- The long awaited Dec/Jan mount grand prize has been launched, the first Gold Drop bonus Mount.
- It will be added to the store in a few days.

Fixed Bug: when opening items/materials close to the bottom of the screen it will now place it higher up on the screen.
Fixed Bug: Treasure Hunting Dailies can now not be "area-specific"
Fixed Bug: 65+ Dailies now don't try to make area/node specific dailies (as there are none)
Fixed Bugs: Various bugs around the new daily quest system has been fixed.
Fixed Bug: Dailies that require a material to be collected, the material now displays in it's relevant quality and is clickable for more info on it.
May 13, 2017
Fixed Bug: Valais Blacknose Mount buffs now display correctly when opening the buff description.
May 14, 2017: v2.991
Daily Quest System: added a level selector for the daily quest system. now you can select from level 1 to your current trade level when selecting dailies.
Fixed Bug: when trying to click on names in chat to bring up their avatar box. It was needing 3 clicks to display correctly.
May 22, 2017

Added: You can now link Tools / Rings to chat from your Tool Belt and Ring Pouch (from your own inventory/armory page)
May 26, 2017
Added: Limited Pet names to 25 characters in Drakor Store, they are meant to be names and not sentences/phrases.
Added: Valais Blacknose mount is now available for purchase in the Drakor Store
May 28, 2017: v2.992/v2.993
Updated: set a max-height to the overlay window. This should force the window to only have 1 scroll bar (help the players having scrolling issues with 2 bars)
Fixed Bug: a bug where opening some items would display them "scrolled up the screen" and not where you clicked to open the item details.
May 29, 2017: v2.994
Added: Daily Quests now display the progress when working collections or pattern trades
Updated: Time stamps in chat removed the [ ] brackets, removed square brackets in collection/pattern combine results history, shrunk the font a bit.
June 7, 2017

April - May Promo: Given out all [Customize Token]s and [Pet Naming Token]s for players who purchased in April to May that met the thresholds.
June 13, 2017

Updated: Removed Rare level quality collections from daily quests.
June 16, 2017
Added: Capuchin Pet has been added to game and given out to everyone who met the threshold in the Feb-March Token Promo
June 20, 2017
Fixed Bug: When selling to NPC from market listings, nails, other multiple combine pattern items sell for the correct value that matches the NPC vendors.
July 5th, 2017
Added: Added Capuchin and Angry Eel Pets to the Drakor Store!

April 09, 2017

Release v2.982 / v2.983/4

Event Combat Drops
- "Combat Drops" feature has been added into the game for the new event (sorry forgot to upload it yesterday). This feature will be used in other ways in the future.
- You can now ignore "event combat drops" from the looking for creatures timer window. Click the "Ignore Event Items" to be able to filter which items to ignore.

Drakor Store
- Updated the Drakor Store code, it now loads much much faster.

April 10, 2017
- Removed Market data from Event Items as they are not trade-able or sell-able anymore.

April 11, 2017
- Added Title "ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ" to the game from Feb-March Promotion and gifted to everyone who met the threshold (to see the colour requires a refresh as it's a newly added colour for Titles)
- Enabled "Love Pug" pet to be available for Purchase all year in the EP Vendor
- Added (Pet) or (Mount) after the pet/mounts name that are availabe in the EP Vendor
- Added Baby Chick Pet to Event Points Vendor

April 12, 2017
Fixed Bug: Copying and Pasting Forum links into chat will work correctly now (was broken after the forced HTTPS change)
April 21, 2017
Fixed Bug: SSL Certificate was causing issues with "Insecure" or not trusted in browsers. refreshed to new auto-renewing cert.
April 27, 2017
Optimization: Enabled more compression on the server, should make page load faster and more responsive.
May 2, 2017
Added: Now North/West/South/East buttons have title tags describing where they go. This should help screen readers that are on smaller screen resolutions.
May 10, 2017
Fixed Bug: updated some styling for the forums so screenshot images, pasted long text won't show outside of the "body" of the thread/replies. I'm hoping this also fixes some of the weird overlay sizing issues that is happening sporadically on the forum.

April 01, 2017

Release v2.981

General Updates
- April Fools : I hope everyone enjoyed the April Fools this year. It included a treat for everyone who gets fooled today as well :) so make sure to click the link.
- Moved Drakor to only allow HTTPS connections. This also fixes an issue with the Drakor Store (not being able to purchase features/pets/etc)
Added: Unlocking Treasure Hunting Chests now have a chance to drop [Customize Token]s
Added: another Dec/Jan secondary prize has been created and added to the store. Pet Raccoon

February - March Promotion
- [Pet Naming Token]s and [Customize Token]s have been given out to all players who met the thresholds within the Promo
- Winners will be announced shortly

April 4, 2017
Added: Chat spamming filter added in, chat will now not allow you to repeatedly spam chat messages in quick succession.
April 6, 2017
Added: New "How many own this?" column in the manual > Full Player Title Listing page. It helps show which titles are rare or not owned by any players.
April 9, 2017
New: a "Combat Drops" feature has been added into the game for the new event (sorry forgot to upload it yesterday). This feature will be used in other ways in the future.

March 31, 2017

Release v2.98

General Updates
- Added [Customize Token]s into the game. You can use these to name your gear and change the look and feel of gear (More uses coming soon)
- Added ability to customize items: click on items, if they can be customized; you will see a new Customize button attached to the Item (can only be customized with [Customize Token]s)
- EP Vendor Items will now stay longer than the event end-date (usually a few days after the holiday end date)
- Added a Pet Filter to the Pets page, click on the buff type you wish to filter to quickly find pets with certain buffs
- Added Barometz Pet to the Drakor Store (Chosen by Sprocket from Dec/Jan Promo)

Fixed Bug: Fixed HTTPS links that are pasted into chat (Drakor Store, and others)

March 12, 2017

Release 2.97

General Updates
- ALL Event Items are now account bound. You can not sell them on the market, trade them with other players or add them to your guild bank anymore. This is to help balance out World Events.
- Any Items that are currently in a guild bank, can be removed. But not added back in.
- I've added in a feature to be able to spawn special trade or combat nodes throughout the world that are specific to holidays.
- I'm processing the Auto Sell for the Valentine's Day Event (forgot to do it after that event ended)

Mobile/Responsive Optimization
- The Manual has been updated to work on mobile devices nicely
- Tradeskill working screen has been updated to look better on mobile devices

Fixed Bug: Fixed the Text Alignment for the Online Listing, it was centered by accident.
Fixed Bug: You were able to see the holiday treasure hunting node from the Valentine's Day Event, this doesn't display anymore.
March 14, 2017
Fixed Bug: Clicking on forum replies in chat now scrolls down to the specific post.
March 22, 2017
Fixed Bug: Now when using Treasure Elixirs it doesn't display the disabled holiday TH from other events.
Fixed Bug: 4th TH Node for current Winter Cleanup wasn't showing the level range selector.
Fixed Bug: Elixirs now don't display "not active" locations of TH nodes on the World Map or Mini Map (only active nodes)
Fixed Bug: View World Map now opens in the overlay and not the blank page without the X button to close it.
Fixed Bug: Fixed display styling for locked areas.
March 27, 2017
New: Added a "Premium Items" category, items like [Drakor Store Token]s, [Pet Naming Token]s, [Dire Wolf Token], [Customize Token] and more are all going to be listed under "Premium Items" section in the Player Market/Trade Inventory/etc now. They are no longer linked to a Tradeskill.

March 07, 2017

Release v2.96/v2.961/v2.962/3

New Overlay Updates
- Fixed issue when opening materials in the overlay (it will now enable scrolling instead of cropping the tool tip)
- Disabled clicking outside of the overlay content, you now need to actually click the X button to close. This fixes an issue where clicking on the scroll bar was closing the overlay. (also removes the old issue with people miss-clicking outside of the content area and losing a long forum post or in-game mail)
- On mobile I believe you can swipe up to close the window as well.

March 8, 2017: v2.961
More Mobile Optimization
- New Overlay should be working better and better on mobile now for multiple screens (not done the whole site, more tweaks to come)
- Adding more mobile optimizations for Drakor on phones in Portrait mode. (not done the whole site, more tweaks to come)
- Removed New Overlay "Full Screen" button

March 11, 2017: v2.962
More Mobile Optimization
- Now login/registration/more pages will work better in Portrait mode on phones/small devices
- Disable Mobile Optimization in My Account should work as intended again. (ie> show desktop verison on mobile device)
- Fixed the Pets Page in Mobile View
Fixed Bug: Online List, Battles, etc...weren't aligned correctly

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