41 Online
Game Stats
5,421,179 Battles
67,391,374 Items
41 Online
Game Stats
5,421,179 Battles
67,391,374 Items

Drakor Release History

January 08, 2016

v2.67 BETA (open)

Arena Update
- Set a maximum of 10 battles that can be unfinished/pending at a time. This was never meant to be used to queue up a mass amount of battles to maximize the Global Perk buffs ie> DR.
- Tweaked the Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite Ranges for Opponent Ratings.
Fixed Bug: where you could get higher than your max durability on an item when pending up a mass amount of battles and then fixing the item with a scroll.

Combat Tweak
- Combat Opponents generation has been tweaked. Stat Points will be used more strategically for Medium to Elite battles. You will also find Med to Elite battles now generate their Equip Rating and Battle Strategy Rating a bit differently. This is to minimize the players able to fight battles without using any items at all.
- Added #) to the Use/Pass buttons so you know which number on the keyboard you need to press to activate each button. (needs refresh if you are online to update the combat layout)

January 9, 2016
Fixed Bug: Now the Player-2-Player trading system will not require an empty trade slot to get trade materials you already have in your inventory.

January 10, 2016
Fixed Bug: When a player had a < or > in their name it would cause a display bug.
Fixed Bug: Certain scenarios when equipping battle strategy items with the confirm/success pages disabled it would automatically go back to the inventory not allowing you to equip the new item until you enable the confirm/success pages.
Combat/Arena - Tweaked Combat Equipment/Strategy Ranges down a bit for Medium/Hard battles.
Drakor Store - Added option to purchase 5 Extra World Bank Slots and also 5 Extra Guild Slots for bulk purchases.

January 11, 2016
Fixed Bug: Fixed another bug around Player-2-Player trading. The inventory checks should work correctly for both players now.
General Update: Guild and Main Forums now show 15 threads per page, up from 10 also streamlined them to take up less screen space.

January 01, 2016

v2.66 BETA (open)

Happy New Year - 2016 - Everyone!

Hire Workers!
- You can now hire workers to go collect items/materials for you with Drakor Gold.
- This features allow you to collect items while you are offline from the game and allows you to focus funds on certain items that you are in need of.
- Workers prices are flexible based on level, quality and duration of the item and work requested.
- You do not earn any exp when using this service.
- The Workers will "keep" the items you've paid for if they aren't picked up within 5 days of them completing their order.
- You can only have one worker collecting a certain material at a time, you can hire multiple workers to collect different items.
- You can still work other trades, collections, combat, etc. while your Workers work for you. (You can also be offline from the game)
- 3 Workers Areas (Where you hire them and pickup your order) have been opened across Drakor in Danof, Poi and Drimly.
- Current Limit is 5 Active Workers at a time.

General Updates
- Now after Tinkering an Item you have the option to Tinker it again right away. (Tinker Button under the newly created Item)
- After the last collection from a node, the timer speeds up to 1 sec to deplete the node. No more waiting the full timer to deplete the node.

January 4, 2016:
- Disenchanting materials purchased from the Offline Workers have been doubled in their gold prices. Because DE is an active skill, the materials are harder to come by and should be more expensive than the other basic collection skills.

December 23, 2015

v2.65 BETA (open)

Happy Holidays to Everyone! Thank you for your continued support of the game and for your endless ideas and suggestions on how to make the game better! I really appreciate all of you! =) - Goz

Happy Holidays 2015
- Added Peppermint Bark & Winter Winter Festivities Quests! Gain Tokens, Titles and more!!
- Santa is back giving his gift from last year as well as presents from this year. Santa is back with 2014 and 2015 presents (New Gifts for 2015 started on Christmas Day)!

General Updates
- Drop tables now show if an collection item is an "event-related drop"
- You can now click on the Item name to get more details on it in the Drop Table listings in the Manual
- Halloween Only Event drops have been removed until next year.
- Quest Reward Exp now scales correctly to your current Character Level.
- Gathering is quite packed with items, so I moved [Water] to drop in Fishing now instead of Gathering.
- Now when Anonymous Global Perks are purchased over the holiday season (When the Santa hat is on the Drakor Logo, it will display in chat as from "Secret Santa")
- Dec 27 - Further Tweaked the Gold Drop Formulas for Combat. Nerfed them some as high level players were able to farm gold very quickly from combat.

December 24, 2015:
Fixed Bug: Brandytrifel & Lady ClaraBelle now show up correctly within the Holiday Quests.
Fixed Bug: Mods can now un-ban players successfully again.
December 27, 2015: v2.651
Fixed Bug: When the same NPC showed up for 2 different quests in the same area. It would only show the text from one quest when talking to either NPC. this now works correctly.
December 31, 2015:
Fixed Bug: Now Easy/Hard cat node will give the correct battle difficulty, also when finding another creature it will also keep the difficulty level.

December 04, 2015

v2.64 BETA (open)

General Updates
- Displaying Items will now display how many times the item has been tinkered. (The line doesn't display if the item hasn't been tinkered at all)
- The Item list when selling to the NPC will now be alphabetical.

December 6, 2015
Fixed Bug: Now when you switch between Collection and Pattern Trade Skills the "Ignore Event-Related Drops" checkbox will not un-check by itself.
December 7, 2015
Fixed Bug: When viewing another players pet from the Armory it was displaying an error.
Fixed Bug: When displaying another players Armory page when you were not logged in, it was displaying an error.
December 8, 2015
Fixed Bug: When Tinkering items in the Tinker's Union, there was an error being displayed.

November 24, 2015

Ninja Patch

- Now when you check off the Ignore Event Related Drops when collecting materials. It saves it as a preference on your account and it will carry through multiple login sessions. (you need to collect at least one item for it to save to your preferences, toggled on or off)
- Before you had to check it off each time you logged in to ignore Event Drop Items.

November 10, 2015

v2.63 BETA (open)

Tinker's Union open 6 locations across Drakor! (Stat/Effect/Buff Re-generator!)
- Use Drakor Gold to "re-roll" an item you have in your inventory.
- Every time an Item is re-rolled, it also gets a 5% added chance to destroy the item on next re-roll. the first re-roll has 0% chance to destroy the item. 2nd re-roll has 5% chance, 3rd has 10% chance and so on.
- Take your chances to re-roll your items...but take even more risk the more you re-roll an item.
- You currently can't reset your re-rolls per item, the item also has to have full durability if it's a Battle Item.
- Any quality item can be re-rolled. Always hated that +40 Defense Legendary? re-roll it!!

General Updates
- Now some areas that show up under "Actions" on the world map or mini-map won't display level ranges if they are not applicable. (Guild Bank, World Market, Trades Areas, etc.)

October 31, 2015

v2.62 BETA (open)

Halloween Event 2015!!!
- 3 Halloween Quests! Kill Ghosts! Fun NPCs & Medallions, Tarot Cards to collect & More!.
- 2 Player Titles up for Grabs!
- A New Evil Halloween Pet Reward! Lots of great treats and tricks!

Birthday Event Collection Drops have been removed until next year.
- you can still trade with other players to complete the quests.

Phoenix Baby Released in the Drakor Store
- Missed the Promo? The Phoenix Baby Pet has been released into the Drakor Store!

Chocolate Alpaca Pet
- This was the pet selected by Blackberry (who won the Aug-Sept token promo) It has been given out to everyone who met the $49 or more spent during the promo. (and also to all the players who were gifted one) Enjoy. This is a talking pet.

General Updates
- Quests now can give more than one item reward per turn-in or a random item from a drop list.
- Quests now have the option to hide the location until the NPC is found. (Work together everyone!)

Fixed Bug: Sell All wasn't selling Rings if they were checked exempt or not (If Equipment was checked off)
November 2, 2015
Fixed Bug: It was only allowing you to create 1 [Witch's Brew] at a time. now you can queue up as many as you like, similar to how other patterns work.
November 8, 2015
Added another Voting Site to Drakor. You can vote once every day. Find the voting button on the My Account page or the Drakor Store.

October 06, 2015

v2.61 BETA (open)

Improved Mini-map
- Now when mousing over the dots on the mini-map, it now shows which actions are available there.
- Added Label/Titles to the dots to improve accessibility on the mini-map

Brand New Interactive World Map
- Click on View World Map link (bottom right corner of mini-map) to open a full world map that functions similar to the mini map but you can see the whole world. Mouse over areas to see where different areas are to work different trades and their level ranges.

Happy Birthday Drakor! (Today is exactly 1 year since the game launched into open beta)

October 7, 2015
Fixed Bug: DR Rings weren't using the new non-overlapping ranges that was put in during a recent patch.
Fixed Bug: Birthday Quest Broadcast was only displaying 1 message. now it'll display 1 of 5 different messages randomly.
Enchants: Buffs the Attributes on newly dropping/created Enchants to be more powerful. They were under-powered before.
October 18, 2015
Fixed Bug: Guild Quest Turn-ins were not working correctly.

October 03, 2015

v2.6 BETA (open)

Happy Birthday Drakor!!!
- We're celebrating our 1 year birthday on October 6th, Enjoy the new Birthday Event that is live! We thank all of our loyal playerbase and all the support received from the players! Without all of you, there wouldn't be a game!
- Player Titles, Slots, Cake and more up for grabs in our Birthday Event/Quest!

Wildlife Sanctuary!
- Ivy has opened her Wildlife Sanctuary to the public. You will be able to obtain pet tokens throughout the world of Drakor. Bring them to the Wildlife Sanctuary to adopt your newest Pet!
- Adding Pet (Spikey Turtle Token) from Vendors in Drakor
- Added Pet (Dire Wolf Token) from Vendors in Drakor

General Updates
- new /cme /gme /sme /tme /eme commands have been added to chat. this allows for you to have a default chat channel set to guild for example but you can use the /cme [message] command to send an action chat line to the common/world chat, or to other chat channels regardless of your default channel.
- New Events Chat channel. /e this chat channel will be used for player run events and also broadcasting World Events/Guild Raids/etc in the future. You can toggle this channel off in the chat options section.
- Drakor Mail now has the option to select multiple mail items to delete multiple mail at once.
- Added a Drakor Outbox, now you can review your sent mail and check if it was read and/or deleted.
- Added a Mail Icon to everyone's armory page (only visible if you are logged in, located on the right side of the Character Name Title). This creates a blank in-game mail with the TO: field auto-populated.
- Expanded Sell All Feature - You can now exempt item types from the Sell All Premium Feature Page (Sell All is Unlocked/Purchased in the Drakor Store), it saves your selections so when you come back you don't have to re-select all of the items you wish to remove from the sell all.
- Now you can click on Items that drop in your Collection History to see the patterns the material is used in.
- Now you have a check box to "Ignore Event-Related Drops" from Collection Trades. (Collected all of your Easter Eggs and you don't need anymore, check off the box.)

Confirm/Success Page Toggle
- This feature now also turns off success pages when using Durability Runes/Scrolls and also after Eating Food Buffs

Monster Drops
- Added ability to assign a rare loot table to monsters. Thia allows for the ability to add rare pets, legendary gear drops, etc.
- Each Dungeon boss or Quest Monster will have it's own Rare Loot Drop %

Combat Screen
- The Exp Bar is now displayed in the Combat Screen and is updated after a battle victory.

Exclusive Donator Pet Released
- All players who have donated $99 or more in total (lifetime). Will see a quest unlocked in their Quest Log. This quest reward gives an exclusive pet that can only be obtained this way, the pet comes in a few different colors so you will also get to choose depending on which Turn-in you pick.
- All Current and Past players who meet this threshold will get an email also informing them of this.
- Future players who hit this threshold will see the quest unlock automatically after they pass that threshold (directly after successful purchase)
- Sorry that this took so long to add in, also these pets can NOT be gifted.

Fixed Bug: Now when the chat box has focus (typing a message) you will not be able to use the Arrows to move around the map. You will need to click outside of the chat box to lose focus to re-enable the key bindings
Fixed Bug: Fixed a Quest Turn-in Bug that could've been exploited.

October 4, 2015:
Fixed Bug: Disenchanting wasn't allowing you to check off the "Ignore Event-Related Drops"
October 5, 2015
- Increased [Molten Ash] drop rate
- Lowered Mok's lower level range to level 5 down from 12.
October 6, 2015
- Added new Inventory Sort Order (Created (newest > oldest), Level, Quality) on the Inventory Options page.
Fixed Bug: Drimly Port City Teleports will now function correctly.

September 10, 2015

v2.591 BETA (open)

General Updates
- Tweaked the Formulas for Ring & Tool Creation. There will not be any more overlap with the bonus %s between quality levels now. (only for newly created ones)
- To allow for more Offers to be shown in the Offer Wall (accessible from My Account or the Store) Your Premium Tokens amount allows for 2 decimal places.

September 11, 2015
- Added another task to the "World Market Vendor Quest" to further increase your World Market space within the 40-50 content.

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