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Game Stats
4,224,831 Battles
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83 Online
Game Stats
4,224,831 Battles
51,554,326 Items

Drakor Release History

June 06, 2015

v2.53 BETA (open)

Drakor Pets System
- Added the Base Framework for the new Pets system.
- Added the First Pet "Baby Fire Drake" into the game.
- Given the pet to players who met the $99+ token promotion in the April/May to get early access to the first released pet in game. (Thank you for your support of the game!!)
- Pets can be fed every 18hrs. (with any one of their preferred foods), feeding your pet will grant you a buff, the buff changes by pet.
- Everytime your pet is fed, it will gain exp and over time go up levels. Increasing it's buff reward.
- Some pets might randomly talk or perform actions in chat. (this chat is considered "pet" in the chat filter, if you don't want to see them.)
- Only your "Active" pet shows up in your Pet Inventory Slot and only Active pets can possibly Talk. If it's a talking Pet that is.
- I will be announcing the first 5 set of pets some from the pet idea thread in the forums.
- Some pets will be able to be "named" by the owner.
- Some Pets will be for specific tradeskills.
- Pets do NOT take up inventory slots.

General Updates
- Removed the link to Offline Battle Strategy Temporarily for the Pets Menu Item
- Added in Ability for Mods to outright Ban Players and un-Ban if needed as well. Banning will lock the players account and also boot them off the game if they are logged in.

Fixed Bug: Now after Disenchanting an Item it will show the exp % currently into level. It was disappearing after the DE was completed.

May 08, 2015

v2.52 BETA (open)

Player-2-Player Trading
- The Trading area now opens in the main Game UI instead of the overlay window. This allows for continued chat and interaction between the two trading players.
- Tweaked some logic in the trading to not allow for a few weird scenarios to happen while trading.
- Changed the Material Listing to be Alphabetical. Let me know if this works better and I'll change the sorting for Guild and World Banks as well. Or I'll change it back if it's not an improvement.

Drakor Rules: Updated the Trade Channel Messaging Guidelines.

May 12, 2015:
Fixed Bug: Level 40 Guild Nodes weren't depleting.
May 25, 2015:
Fixed Bug: Guild Nodes were still gaining Exp @ Level 40 and above. It should have been capped like everything else.
Content Add: Added a World Bank to the Small House in the Tree (The Grey Woods)
May 29, 2015:
Fixed Typo: Player Market was still saying you would lose 50% of your listing price if you buy back your listing. It's actually only 10%.

April 16, 2015

v2.51 BETA (open)

High Contrast Chat Update
- Ability to enable high contrast chat in the My Account page for vision impaired/color blind players.
- This feature will evolve over time to see other game features in high contrast.

Fixed Bug: Tweaked the Guild and Main Forum (Viewing Threads) styling a bit.

Ninja Patch: (May 1st):
The Deranged Bunnies Hunting area has been updated to only have a couple bunnies per spawn. They will come back in force next Easter!

April 13, 2015

v2.50 BETA (open)

Chat System Update
- You can now filter your chat down to a more granular level
- Now when you have a user blocked, you will not see any /me posts or other related chat messages about the user.
- When you click the Options button and the Chat Options are already opened. It'll work as a close button.
- You can't block Chat Mods any more.
- Trade Messaging Rule of Thumb is now set to 1 similar message per 30 mins (but you are allow to post different messages buying/selling different items from other messages)

Main Forum & Guild Forum
- You can now Edit your own replies to threads.

April 15, 2015
Fixed Bug: Collection Trades (and Disenchanting) now fail the correct %. Also DE doesn't fail any more.
Fixed Bug: When resizing the browser window to mobile size (then toggle chat on) and then maximize browser one menu wasn't reappearing.

April 09, 2015

v2.49 BETA (open)

Drakor is Responsive! (Mobile & Tablet Optimized)
- Play on any Device for a great Game Play Experience.
- First Phase of making Drakor fully Mobile & Tablet Optimized. This will be an evolving task. But the game should now work nicely on mobile phones (landscape orientation) and tablets (either orientation)!
- This is preperation to start looking at getting Drakor into the mobile gaming market and in-turn to grow the playerbase.
- You can disable the mobile version of the game (so you only see the full-screen desktop version in the My Account page)
- Did a full overhaul of the interface to allow for a nice Responsive Design
- Report any issues so they can be fixed.

- Moved the Leave/Disband Guild Button to only show at the bottom right corner of the Guild Roster section.

World Travelling
- Now when you travel it won't scroll you back up once the new location is loaded. This allows for more streamlined travel.

Easter Event
- All Collection Trades (All Easter Eggs, Easter Grass, Essence of Easter & Hickory Logs) have all been removed and will not drop any more.
- The Rabbit Hole Quick Travel area and Quest Turn-ins will stay available into next week. So players can still turn those items in and/or kill the deranged bunnies.

April 10, 2015
Fixed Bug: now chat won't fade away when trying to post chat on a mobile phone.
Fixed Bug: when opening the guild window, the menu-bar would shudder slightly.
Fixed Bug: Add Crafting Rings into the game. Before you weren't able to create any crafting trade rings.
Fixed Bug: Timestamps now show back up on the Guild Activity and Chat History Pages

April 02, 2015

v2.48 BETA (open)

Easter Event
Friends, adventurers, tradespeople, lend us your rabbit ears. Easter has come to Drakor and the hunt is on! Grab your basket and build up your egg collection. Battle deranged killer bunnies. Poke your head down the rabbit hole. Your Easter experience is bound to lead you to glory!
- Easter Basket & Egg Hunt Quest-line
- Deranged Killer Bunnies Quest-line
- Rabbit Hole Portals Questline
- Help each other out! Actively Trade Your Easter Eggs
- 2 Player Titles available to obtain from the various quests & tasks!

New Spring Token Promotion
- Promotion Runs from April 1st - May 31st.
- New Titles available as well as an opportunity to obtain the first ever Drakor Interactive "Pet" in the game!
(Pet is still in development, It will be ready by the end of the Promo or earlier.)

Guilds Section
- Moved Leave/Disband Guild Button to the bottom Right of the Guild Overlay Screen
- Added a Chat History Section where you can review the last few days of Guild Chat History. (History is kept approx 5-7 days)
- Combined the Recruitment and Apps sections into single Recruiting Section. You can now see the current Pending apps under the current recruitment message.
- Added Settlement Section to review Guild Node Status, Level Range, etc, and also Trade Combine Totals (That will be used in Guild Masteries) from each Guild Trade Room.

Guild Bank & World Bank & Trading
- Banks Withdrawal and Deposit Drop downs now show "Food Name (Buff Type)" instead of just the Food Name
- This was also updated in the Player-to-Player Trading Drop-down.

Premium Option: Selflessly Gift Tokens
- Gifting Tokens: You are now allowed to Gift Tokens to other players. Only Purchased Tokens are available to be Gifted.
- This will be monitored and if overly used, caps will be implemented/added.
- This option is found at the bottom of the Drakor Store Page.

Fixed Bug: Now you are required to add at least 1 quantity for Trade Materials to show in your Offer.
Fixed Bug: Now when you have World Chat disabled. You will still receive whispers.
Fixed Bug: Now when you Teleport to Poi past the Golem for entrance to the Grey Woods you can now unlock the passage from either side.
Fixed Bug: Combat Nodes will respawn within a similar duration as Collection Nodes now.
Fixed Bug: Created/Updated/Replied to Forum Threads with a ' in the title would show \' in chat.
Fixed Bug: Now when viewing other Players Armory Page it shows their own food/perk buff instead of your own.
April 3, 2015: Fixed Bug: When turning in a quest with a full inventory, it would consume your quest materials and fail the turn in.

March 29, 2015

v2.47 BETA (open)

Player-2-Player Trades
- Added ability to remove items from Your Offer (prior to it being confirmed)

- Added % of Node Remaining to the blue bar while working collection nodes.

March 28, 2015

v2.46 BETA (open)

Player-2-Player Trading
- Ability to trade items, trade materials, gold and so on directly with other players.
- Both players need to be in the same area to start and complete a trade.
- Trades Expire after 15mins of starting one. (or when cancelled)
- You can't trade with players that are from the same household or playing from the same location. (to minimize abuse)
- All successful trades are logged/saved if any issues should come up.

World Bank & Guild Bank
- Now display Rings similar to Player Inventory. Displaying the Trade Type instead of just "Ring" on the Icon.
- Changed the Display of Guild Banks to show Items ontop and Materials below (grouped by tradeskill) Spanning full width now instead of 2 columns.
- Now Ancient Research Trade Materials show up with correct color coding.
- Changed Guild Bank Trade Materials to sort by Tradeskill > Quality > Min Level > Max Level > Name
- Now Food Icon Labels display the type of food (ie> Drop Rate, Create Rate, etc) instead of just "Food".

World Market
- Now when you purchase items back from yourself, the penalty has been lowered from 50% to 10% of listing price.

General Changes & Tweaks
- Now working Pattern or Collection Trades that "History" box has a max height and will provide a scroll bar, instead of scrolling down the screen after combining a lot of patterns or collecting for a long period of time.
- Now when viewing the pattern list for a material. You can click on the Pattern Name to see the pattern description.
- Guilds can now review/see ALL of the guild activity since the guild has been created. (paging system added to the bottom of activity page)
- Each Guild Activity Page has 100 entries on it.

March 13, 2015

v2.45 BETA (open)

Flaxen Fields & Barrier Range (Content Release North of Poi)
- Released New Flaxen Fields & Barrier Range Areas
- Increased Max Level to 40 in Combat & Trade Skills
- Added 30-39 Patterns in Smithing, Cooking, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, Construction & Alchemy .
- Added 26-40 Inscription Patterns
- Added new 30+ Collection nodes for all Trades
- Added various new materials, created materials and more.

Trade skill Tools
Tools have been added to the game. The Tool patterns consist of items from various trades to promote working together from the various tradeskill players. This is just further expanding on the already detailed Trade skill system that Drakor has currently.

- Added Tools into the Game, Extra "Tool" Inventory Slot added.
- A large majority of Tools are -Timer Reduction Bonuses (Based on Quality), Create Rate, Drop Rate & Double Exp.
- Tools can be made with various trades and provide various different buffs once they are equipped.
- Tools do not break, Tool Bonuses only work for their displayed level-ranges similar to how rings work.
- To work trades you need to have a Tool or a Basic Tool Set equipped. (Bonuses work if the node is within the range of your tool.)
- You can purchase a Basic Tool Set from the NPC vendor for 1 medal. (if you lose or sell the one you have provided)
- Everyone has been given a loot bag with 1 basic tool set in it.

Tool Patterns
Logging - Added Copper, Tin, Iron, Cobalt, Chromium, Bloodstone & Iridium Logging Axes
Smithing - Added Copper, Tin, Iron, Cobalt, Chromium, Bloodstone & Iridium Smithing Hammers
Cooking - Added Clay (Light, Medium, Hard), Fire Clay (Light,Medium,Hard) & Koalinite (Light,Medium) Cooking Bowls
Fishing - Added Birch, Cedar, Aspen & Sharkwood Fishing Rods
Construction - Added Birch, Cedar, Pine & Hemlock Mallets
Mining - Added Copper, Tin, Iron, Cobalt, Chromium, Bloodstone & Iridium Mining Picks
Crafting - Added Copper, Tin, Iron, Cobalt, Chromium, Bloodstone & Iridium Acid-Etched Crafting Knives
Gathering - Added Goldenbush, Pixieroot, Gorethistle, Moonbeard, Ladyslipper & Vilegourd Gloves.
Enchanting - Added Copper, Tin, Iron, Cobalt, Chromium, Bloodstone & Iridium Enchanted Sceptres
Disenchanting - Added Copper, Tin, Iron, Cobalt, Chromium, Bloodstone & Iridium Wands
Inscription - Added Basic, Primitive, Aged & Pristine Reference Books
Ancient Research - Added Copper, Tin, Iron, Cobalt, Chromium, Bloodstone & Iridium Shovels
Jewelcrafting - Added Acid Etched Copper, Tin, Iron, Cobalt, Chromium, Bloodstone & Iridium Hammers
Alchemy - Added Cursed Copper, Tin, Iron, Cobalt, Chromium, Bloodstone & Iridium Staffs.

New Tradeskill: Crafting
- Added Various Patterns from level 1-40
- Crafting will be used to create items that are used with tool patterns.
- Crafting also has patterns to create actual tools for multiple trades.
- Crafting Uses Materials from Mining, Gathering & more.

New Dungeon: Troll Encampment
- Found in Trehos Forrest for Combat Levels 25-28
- 3 Bosses, including the ferocious General Pomorm

Global Perks
- Added the Option to Purchase a 1hr or 2hr Buff for each Global Perk. Per day.
- Timer Reduction Tools STACK with the Global Perk Timer Reduction. (They get added together)

Guild Settlements
- Added Quest Task to the Guild Blacksmith Questline to build a Guild Crafting Hut.
- Added Construction Pattern for Crafting Hut

General Updates
- Newly crafted Items display "Crafted by " on the item now. Instead of just "Crafted" like on old items.
- Now when opening Trade Material Info on the right side of the Masteries page it will now adjust the information box according to stay on the main screen.. (It won't create a scroll bar to the right.)
- Added New 30-39 Iridium Ring pattern to the Jewelcrafting Ring Quest line
- Added New step to the "Addicted to Ore!" quest line for levels 25-30. (Bloodstone)
- Added New step to the "Facts about Teleportation" Quest line
- Added 'Pet Slot' to Equipment Inventory Screen for future development.
- Changed Support Drakor menu option to be Drakor Store
- Drakor Store Token Packages are in Canadian Dollars. Take advantage of a low Canadian Dollar to USD.
- Added New Quest Task in the World Market Quest.
- Added another step to further increase your World Bank Membership (Personal Bank) Quest.
- Added Guild Bank Storage upgrade options for 10 more guild slots with [Hemlock Container]s
- Streamlined the Footer Information on the Website.
- Rings in your Inventory now show the Trade the Ring is used in instead of just labelled "Ring"

Durability Runes & Scrolls
- Now Durability Runes & Scrolls of any level can be used on lower level items and the item required character level has been removed.

- Lessened the Materials Needed for Huge Gems

Enchanting & Disenchanting
- Increased Drop Amounts for Disenchanting
- Lessened requirements on Orb Patterns in Enchanting

Inscription & Ancient Research
- Level range increased from 15-26 & 26-40
- Fail Rate has been lowered a bit for Ancient Research. It's still higher than other collection trades.
- Significantly decreased the cast times for any newly created Teleport scrolls!
- Added New Teleport Pattern to teleport to your Guild Settlement. (Can be purchased in Inscription Library in the Guild Settlement)

Chat Moderation
- Now when a player is muted in chat, and try to create a new player/member. They will also be muted automatically.
- Moderators now have access to sticky & lock forum threads
- Now When Players are muted in chat. They will now have their access to the forums removed (post/reply access) and will only be able to read.

Fixed Bug: Now if an area in the Manual's Collection/Combat Area listing is located on a none-world map, it will display on the new map, instead of displaying just black.
Fixed Bug: Fixed small Javascript error that was happening when opening the overlay window. didn't affect any gameplay
Fixed Bug: If a player left a guild while working in a guild-only node, it would still let you continue to collect there. Now it boots you out of the settlement when you leave.

March 14, 2015
Fixed Bug: Bonuses from Tools were not being applied correctly.
Fixed Bug: Now reading a Guild MoTD (non-officers) from the guild menu shows the actual MoTD.
Gathering: Increased Drop Rates a bit for [Cotton], [Horsetail] & [Liontail]

March 15, 2015
Given Out 5 Free Inventory slots to Everyone. Now New Players start with a total of 45.
Fixed Bug: Non-guilded players were not getting the correct amount of EXP in pattern-trades.
Fixed Bug: 2 Acid-etched Hammer Patterns didn't have handles in them. Now they do =)

March 16, 2015
Increased Drop Rate for most [Common] Collection Materials to align with the latest patch.

March 21, 2015
Fixed Bug: The game was allowing players to continue to train other trades while having a different tool equipped ie> Mining with a Fishing Rod. Now it requires you to have the correct tool equipped or have a "basic tool set" equipped to properly work the trade.

February 14, 2015

v2.41 BETA (open)

Guild Evolving Nodes
- Now rings will only work if the material dropped from the guild-only node is within the equipped Ring level range.
- This was updated as guild nodes can range 1-X and would make any ring able to work for any material with how rings work on normal world nodes.

Fixed Bug: Now guilds will be able to accept applicants over the level 20 old maximum. It was failing on the 2nd accept after the member was accepted.
Fixed Bug: Now in the Manual the Guild-only nodes show the correct Level Range if you are in a guild. Otherwise it shows level 1-1.
Fixed Bug: Guild Only Nodes if multiple players were collecting it was allowing some players to continue collecting from a depleted node.

Feb 19th, 2015
Fixed Bug: Guild nodes that were over level 9, were not acting appropriately when trying to select a min & max level range.
Fixed Bug: Where Guild chat wouldn't show up if World Chat was turned off. Guild chat will show up regardless of which other channels are turned off now.

March 4th, 2015
Chat Update: Chat now updates immediately following a player sending a chat message. Thus removing the perceived chat lag after sending the message.

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