92 Online
Game Stats
4,033,517 Battles
49,037,020 Items
92 Online
Game Stats
4,033,517 Battles
49,037,020 Items

Drakor Release History

October 01, 2016

Release v2.881

Ring Pouches & Tool Belts
- Both now display on the screen when working Pattern or Collection Trades. (refresh required)
- This allows you to quickly and easily check if you have the correct tool or ring equipped when working patterns or collection trades.
- If you don't have any Rings equipped into your Ring Pouch it just display "No Rings Equipped"

New Pet Fiamma Gatto Added to Drakor Store
- Fiamma Gatto pet chosen from the June/July Promo 2nd prize winner Shady.

Drakor Store Confirmation Prompts
- There is now confirmation prompts when purchasing any features, pets, mounts, titles from the Drakor Store.

Fixed Bug: NPC Vendor now displays items for sale related to your current level instead of displaying Level 0.

October 2, 2016
New: You can now click on the Ring Pouch and Tool belt again to close it, if it's open instead of having to click the associated X. Similar functionality to items. (requires refresh)

October 3, 2016

Fixed Bug: Global Perks purchases have been fixed. I accidentally broke the purchase flow when adding confirmation prompts to the Drakor Store.

October 5, 2016

Drakor Birthday Event has been relaunched from last year.
- Other Holiday Quests / Drops have been started to migrate to the new system. Easter/Holidays are now not available for turn in until those Holidays come back around in a few months.
- Will look at adding a small addition to the Birthday Event for veteran players in the next couple days.
New: Quest Logs now show if the quest is related to an event, and the date range for when that event is active.

October 6, 2016
Fixed Bug: Now event items don't drop anymore if the event is not active. (Easter Eggs, etc..)

October 9, 2016
New: Quests in the quest log now display the Event date range in green if the Event is currently active. It displays in Yellow if the Event isn't currently active.

September 29, 2016

Release v2.88

Blue Winged Stork Pet
- I haven't been around too much over the past week. My family was busy welcoming our newest family member into the world. Our new baby boy was born last Friday Sept 23rd.
- In celebration of the new baby. All players who login to Drakor and type "/claim stork" in chat between the dates of Sept 23rd and Oct 23rd will be gifted the Blue Winged Stork pet for free. Enjoy Everyone!
- Future years between Sept 23rd and Oct 23rd new players will also be able to celebrate the baby's birthday by being able to also claim the pet during that time each year (1 stork per player)

September 30, 2016
Expanded Error Handling
- I've added in more logging around system / game errors and tracking of those errors. Players will not see actual code errors in game play now. The errors will be automatically tracked and a friendly message will be shown to the players.
New - Drakor Mail - Now there are links to toggle checks in the check-boxes of all Read or UnRead Drakor Mail (Requires Refresh)
Fixed Bug: Graph Reports in the Guild Pages now show the correct Rank #s in listing. (instead of all 1s)

September 20, 2016

Release v2.87

24hr Chat History
- Located at the top of the chat box, you can now review the most recent 24hr worth of chat history (requires refresh)
- Chat is grouped by channel and whispers
- Chat shows first 500 lines of chat (starting 24hrs from the time you click the link) and then you can click "load more" to show the next 500 lines.

New: Your active mount icon now displays when working collection and pattern trades (requires refresh), if you don't have an active mount it displays an empty Mount Icon. Similar to the buff icon functionality.

September 08, 2016

Release v2.86

Ring Pouches
- You can now equip 1 ring for each tradeskill on your character. These work similar to Tool belts. It will automatically use the relevant ring you have equipped, no swapping needed between tradeskills.
- The ring pouch colour also changes with the average ring quality that is in the pouch. (Similar to Toolbelts)

General Updates
- Player Market/World & Guild Bank Equipment Type listing is now alphabetical (all teleports listed together)
- When selling Trade materials in the player market, the last entry in the drop down on large amounts is the max amount you have. instead of it rounding the numbers off.
- Pagination for the Buy Pattern and Your Pattern listings now show on top and bottom of the lists

Fixed Bug: on the treasure chest unlocking screen it now displays the correct amount of seconds to unlock the selected chest type.
Fixed Bug: in World bank when clicking on -Select Item- or -Trade Mat- it doesn't cause an endless loading image

September 9, 2016
New: Added the NPC vendor sell price when displaying Trade materials directly under the player market details
Update: Pets are now sorted with other Pets with similar buffs.
Fixed Bug: Leaderboards now sort by Level, 00.0% into level, then total exp. (instead of level, total exp)
September 10, 2016
Fixed Bug: Matched the level-up announcements and Armory profile pages to show the correct ranking from the leaderboard change yesterday.
Fixed Bug: Fixed Stripe Purchases in the Drakor Store (Pay with Card) buttons. It was not working correctly or allowing any purchases. It now works correctly and gives the correct mystery gold bonus.
September 11, 2016
Update: You can now click on names from the online listing to quickly see their Armory page.
New: Added a Map button to the main menu bar. This will now display the World Map when clicked.
Update: You can now see your own gold/token values when viewing your own Armory page instead of "-hidden-"
September 12, 2016
Update: Chat will now periodically clear anything older than 500 messages in your chat box. I've noticed a performance degrade within chrome once the chat box gets filled with lots of chat.
September 15, 2016
New: Added missing Patterns for: Venomweed Line, Venomweed Thread, Smooth Satinwood Rod and Satinwood Fishing Rod.
September 16, 2016
Fixed Bug: now chat will only clear the excess over the 500 lines of chat. It was actually clearing all of the chat once it hit 500 lines by accident.
Styling: Tweaked the chat message input box styling a bit. Requires a refresh.
September 17, 2016
Fixed Bug: Fixed a bug when players were trading the same trade material within the same trade, under certain circumstances it was deleting the material from one of the players inventory on successful trade.
Update: lowered the fail rate for all collection trades.
Fixed Styling: Fixed a bug with the chat box styling for Firefox and sometimes in Chrome. (requires refresh)
September 18, 2016
New: Added an "All x(Max # Combines)" to the Pattern drop down combine list. The max amount is now the default value instead of x1.
New: Guildies are now highlighted on the Leaderboards. (requires refresh)

September 03, 2016

Release v2.85

The Burning Wastelands
- New Content to Explore, The Burning Wastelands
- Max Level Raised to 70 for Combat and all Trades.
- New Drop Table Entries for Mining, Gathering, Fishing, Disenchanting, Logging, Ancient Research and Treasure Hunting for Level 51-70.
- 100+ New Patterns Released for Levels 51-70
- 2 NEW Estate Upgrades Available (Fortress & Castle): building kit patterns will be added in next release.
- New Questline (Mysterious Quest) that results in a New Pet with a new buff
- [Mora Container]s can now be used to unlock another 10 slots in guild banks
- Another Step added to the World Bank quest to unlock another 6 slots
- Added another step for the World Market Vendor Quest.
- Added another step in the Rings questline for the new Titanium Ring Pattern

Drakor is no longer in BETA.
- The game quality level has been much better than a BETA release for some time. I have removed the Beta tags. Nothing else changes related to this, it's just less confusing for new players.

Treasure Hunting
- Base unlocking timer has been increased by 3x. (Common chests 5sec to 15sec, etc.)
- Mystery gold buff now works on unlocking chests.
- Unlocking chest base gold drop has been increased and scales with higher level chests now.

General Updates
- The required materials list when displaying pattern requirements are now sorted by low quality to high quality
- Guild Settlement and Treasure Hunting Nodes now save player selected level ranges for when they come back to work on the node again.
- Inventory Pagination buttons have been slightly enlarged
- You can now search through the pattern listing for Your Patterns and Buy Patterns
- You can now destroy items from your Trade Inventory without going to town. From the Trade Inventory Page display the Material and click "Destroy Item"
- Tweaked the Mini-Map viewpoint. Roads should display to the edges of the mini-map now.
- Added the Flying Glimmer King Mount to the Drakor Store
- Added a Search Function to the Guild and Main Forums
- Now Guild/World Banks have inventory sorted by Tradeskills alphabetically.
- Un-owned pets/mounts now display the buff they give and where to obtain them on the Pets/mounts page.
- New Background image for the game.

Fixed Bug: Fixed the Timer Reduction stacking issue. These stack appropirately now. (When Pet buff or Global Perk is active, it was ignoring estate bonuses/etc.)
Fixed Bug: When clicking the Refill button with a Durability Scroll, double clicking will not use 2 charges anymore.
September 5, 2016
Fixed Bug: 51+ Smithing and Crafting patterns were not showing up in any Trades areas for purchase.
Update: Slightly changed the background colour for the overlay windows (guild, etc). so it's not black anymore.
Fixed Bug: Fixed the pagination on the Release Notes page.

August 06, 2016

v2.84 BETA (open)

Added Stripe Payment Options into the Drakor Store
- Some players wanted alternative ways to purchase Tokens (outside of using PayPal). I've launched Stripe payments as an alternative.
- Click on the "Pay with Card" buttons in the store to purchase the related packages.
- Bitcoins will be accepted in the near future as well.

August 14, 2016
Woolly Mammoth Pet
- Given out to everyone who met the threshold from the June-July Token Promo.

July 29, 2016

v2.83 BETA (open)

New Tradeskill: Treasure Hunting
- There are 3 Nodes that randomly spawn throughout the world that hold treasure for players to find.
- Collect all sorts of Chests, unlock them to find items, gear, gold, Premium TOKENS, medals and more.
- When nodes spawn they are announced in chat (not the location though, you need to find them)
- To unlock/open chests you need a smith to make keys for you, each type of chest requires a certain key to unlock it. Epic and Legendary chests need enchanted keys to open them.
- Clicking on the trade material from the trade inventory screen will give you the button to "unlock" the chest, and also show what keys unlock that chest.
- Leaderboard for Treasure Hunting has been added.
- New Chat command /treasure or /tre will display the current # of active Treasure Hunting Nodes.
Note: Treasure nodes only spawn in normal world areas. They do not spawn in Towns, Guild Settlements or Dungeons right now

Durability Runes have been buffed. (Already created runes stay unchanged)
- Rare Runes now have a 0-2 durability hit
- Epic Runes now have a 0-1 durability hit
- Legendary Runes now have no hit on your items (equivalent to scrolls)
- Common and Superior also been improved.

- Added an Inventory Search, type in this box and it will filter your trade inventory to match what you typed, remove the filter to bring back all results.
- New Cooking Recipe: Treasure Elixirs are short duration buffs that will highlight on the mini-map where there are active treasure hunting nodes.
- Jewelcrafters can now make Treasure Hunting Rings.
- Crafters now have patterns to create Treasure Hunting tools.

General Updates
- Total Mystery Gold given out (1 week) totals added to Game Stats section.
- Changed the pagination on the forums
- Enchants in your inventory now display the slot the enchant is for instead of just general "enchant"

World Bank
- You can now specify a Quantity to Deposit/Withdraw from your World Bank

- You can now change your Guild Name / Tag under Guild > Options for 150 tokens. (Only Guild Leaders have access to this)

Player Trading
- Now you can trade upto 8 digits of gold. 99,999,999. instead of the old 999,999 maximum.

Fixed Bug: When you had a lot of free inventory space and went to an empty page it was showing more than the max # per page.
Fixed Bug: Where World and Guild bank drop down boxes where styling with a white background.
Fixed Bug: Where you couldn't trade all of your gold away. It would only accept "# total gold - 1" as the max.
July 30th, 2016
Fixed Bug: Now players of any level can drink Treasure Elixirs of any level.
Fixed Bug: Removed the unlock button from any overlay pages (Masteries > Trade Inventory, Manual, etc) Now you can only unlock chests from the actual Tradeskills page.
August 4, 2016
Tool Belts: Now the colour of your tool belt in your armoury page changes depending on the average quality of your equipped tools. The quality is also rounded down, so if your average falls in-between rare and epic. It displays the tool belt as rare. (the average is based on how many trades you have learned and the tools you have associated with those trades)
August 5, 2016
Fixed Bug: The Unsubscribe Feature from emailing out wasn't working correctly. It has been fixed.

July 09, 2016

v2.82 BETA (open)

New Mystery Gold Global Perk
- This perk is different than the current ones. Players can add 2 minutes of this global perk for everyone for just 1 token.
- Also players who purchase tokens in the Drakor Store will receive 2 minutes per $1 spent in the store as a bonus to their purchase that everyone will benefit from.
- For players who wish their Drakor Store purchases (+# min global broadcasts) to be anonymous you can toggle that feature on in your My Account page.
- When this perk is active, whenever any player online does an action (collection, pattern combine, victory in battle.) You will randomly receive some gold for every action. This gold amount is random and can be quite a lot. If it's over 5,000 gold it's broadcasted to chat. (Updated from 1,500 to 5,000 threshold for broadcasts)

New Mounts added from Last Token Promo
- The Chukabu has been added to the Drakor Store.
- The Flying Glimmer King Dragon has been given out to everyone who qualified last promo, anyone who wishes to gift their extras. Please let me know within 1 week of this post.

Global Perks Button
- Now when there are global perks active (but have been claimed) the button still shows Red (instead of green)
- It shows green when there are global perks remaining to claim.
- If all global perks are claimed but there is a constant perk active ie> Mystery Gold the button will show in Yellow.

General Updates
- Now when clicking on players names in chat, it now shows their total level # under their avatar instead of just combat level.
- I did a massive revamp of the Drakor code. I tried to test everything, but I have bound to have missed something. If you see any errors on any features/pages. Please post them in the forum or send myself (Goz) a direct in-game mail explaining where you saw the error.

Fixed Bug: Corrected the URLs that displayed on guild posts when linking to specific posts.
July 10, 2016
Fixed Bug: Fixed issue with Player Trading giving inventory out of space errors when trading materials players already have in their inventory.
Fixed Bug: Error was showing up when mousing over areas on the mini-map to display more information about the location.
Fixed Bug: Now dungeon temporary keys work correctly.
Leaderboard: Added a Top Mystery Gold drop leaderboard, found under the estate leaderboard drop down.
July 11, 2016
Armory Pages: Added Mystery Gold Stats to everyone's armory page. Average Gold Drop, Highest Gold Drop, Total Gold Received.
July 12, 2016
Fixed Bug: Sometimes on Store Purchases the mystery gold perk wouldn't activate automatically. this should work all of the time now.
New Feature: Now when displaying a trade material, it shows which pets eat the material as food:

June 02, 2016

v2.81 BETA (open)

April/May Promo Winners Picked
- Grand Prize - Midith
- Second Prize - Isfan
- Third Prize - Wonderbread
- Added [Pet Naming Token]s into the game. Given them out to everyone who qualified.
- You can name your Pets now if you own [Pet Naming Token]s in the Drakor Store. Please name your pets appropriately, they will be approved by moderators/myself. If they deny the name as it doesn't fit within PG13 setting. You will lose your [Pet Naming Token] you used. Keep this in mind when naming your pet.
- Names show up in chat (When pet talks) , on your armory page when you open the Pet Icon and on your Pets/Mounts pages.
- Peryton Mount has been added to the Drakor Store
- Sabretooth Tigress Pet has been added to the Drakor Store
- New Summer Promotion Details added to the Drakor Store

May 17, 2016

Ninja Patch

Displaying Detailed Trade Material Info:
- Now trade materials display which related quests you use them in.
- The Pattern that creates the specific trade material (if applicable) is now displayed in the details screen (in green)
- Mastery #s now display next to Patterns listed on the Trade material info lists (and display "Mastery #" when you mouse over it.

May 18, 2016
Fixed Bug: Now Stacked Timer Reduction buffs work correctly. Estates/Rings/Tools/Perks! Enjoy.

May 30, 2016
- Guilds can now export their guild activity listings for parsing from the Guild Activity Page. (Most recent month, or All Data)
- Guilds can only export data once every 30 mins.

May 31, 2016
Fixed Bug: Sometimes after using an item the inventory items could move around a bit in the sort order, in certain scenarios.

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