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Game Stats
5,421,179 Battles
67,391,385 Items
49 Online
Game Stats
5,421,179 Battles
67,391,385 Items

Drakor Release History

September 08, 2015

v2.59 BETA (open)

- Changed the Inventory Options / Sell All buttons to show directly on the Inventory page (removing a click)

Arena Battles
- After your first battle the system saves your default selection for difficulty. Allowing for a streamlined battle session. (it's reset every login)

Key-Binding: Combat
- Now you can use keys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 to use your abilities in combat. Without the need of clicking with the mouse.
- To "pass" on the associated ability/item (instead of using it), use shift + the number.
Key-Binding: Travel
- Now you can move around the map by using the Arrow Keys on your Keyboard (up arrow = North, right arrow = East, etc..)

- Added new Quest Task for the New Ring Pattern

Inscription / Ancient Research
- Added new Quest Task for the New Teleport Pattern
- Added new ruins to AMSU Oasis (Also tweaked the War Ruins level range)

- Updated the new Cooking Bowl pattern. This was supposed to be an Earthen Clay Bowl and not Kaolinite.
- New Light Earthen Clay pattern added (Level 45-50)

September 9, 2015
Key-Binding: Combat
- For Players who have unlocked the "Pass All" premium feature you can now use the - button next to the 0 on the keyboard to trigger Pass All.

Fixed - Tweaked the Exp progress bar text on the Armory Pages, to fix some display issues around large exp numbers.
Fixed Typo: Success & Error Message for withdrawing trade materials from your World Bank now display the correct message.

September 04, 2015

v2.58 BETA (open)

Earn Tokens for FREE!!
- Added new Offer Wall solution, where players can complete offers (example: play a mobile game, complete a survey) and receive premium tokens in Drakor for FREE!
- You can get to your Offers from the Store page or the My Account page. (New Offers are added Regularly)
- You can complete as many offers per day that are offered.
- A great way to earn 100s of Premium Tokens for the Drakor Store without spending any actual money!

Disable Confirm/Success Pages
- Changed the option in My Account to disable Confirm pages to also include Success pages (after removing from battle strategy, equipping items, repair, sell all)
- This continues to be a free option you can toggle on/off from the My Account page.

Accessibility Mode
- There is a new option on the My Account page to activate Accessibility Mode (for vision impaired/blind players). I will continue to update the game flow so when this is activated. The game will behave differently to increase accessibility in the game.
- Icons will now display the text of Quality and Durability Remaining.
- Now when Accessibility is Enabled after each Combat Round it shows you and your opponents current hit points. (improved game experience using screen readers)

- Added a Level 45-50 Cooking Bowl Pattern

September 5, 2015
Fixed Bug: You weren't able to Augment Items with the Confirm/Success pages disabled in My Account.
September 6, 2015
Fixed Bug: Now the gifting tokens calculation will work correctly. You can't gift any tokens received from Earning Tokens on the Offer wall or from playing the game. Only tokens you have purchased from the Store can be gifted.

August 28, 2015

Ninja Patch

Fixed Bug: Guild Roster Sorting works again.

August 27, 2015

Ninja Patch

Fixed Bug: depending on certain scenarios, CR rings weren't working correctly. All rings should be working correctly now.

August 26, 2015

Ninja Patch

Fixed Bug: When using Guild Nodes with a large range. ie> 1-25. It was ignoring some of the materials that would drop within the range. Ie> Cedar, Tin Ore, etc... This should work as expected now.
Fixed Bug: Rolled back Guild Node levels (any that were higher than Level 41 & 700 uses in) as there as a bug that there was old "built-up" exp for when the cap was made at 40. Guild Nodes were too far ahead and leveling in possibly the first 2 uses of the node.

August 25, 2015

v2.571 BETA (open)

June-July 2015 Promo Pet
- Groot was the winner from the Token Promotion, Groot chose a "Phoenix Baby" as the pet he would like to see added.
- All players who met the promotion criteria and/or has received a gifted pet from the promo will now have their pet active in the pet page.
- The Baby Phoenix is a talking pet.
- Also added in the ability to show pets in the pet screen that are "not available" in game yet, instead of just "Not Owned".

Guild Bank & World Bank
- Now after you deposit or withdraw an item. It defaults back to the same category you were already in. usually players remove "similar" items from similar trades/etc.
- I'm going to explore revamping the whole flow. This should help for now to reduce the clicking.

World Bank
- Added new part to questline to expand your personal World Bank Membership (extra slots)

Fixed Bug: Now clicking on the X to close a displayed Pet on the Inventory/Armory page works correctly.

August 23, 2015

v2.57 BETA (open)

Drimly Port City & Churbi Desert
- New Content Released Levels 40-50 has been unlocked for all Tradeskills, Combat, etc.
- I've given out another 5 free inventory slots to all players. (Players now get 50 total free shared inventory slots)
- 120+ New Patterns Released Levels 40-50
- Max Level Raised to 50 for Combat and Trades.

New Premium Feature in Store
- Sell All Button/Page, once unlocked this button displays on the Inventory Options Tool tip. You are able to specify the threshold of items to sell. The threshold is based on Quality of Item (all Common, all superior and lower, etc.)

World & Guild Banks
- Changed the deposit/withdraw system for World & Guild banks. Now you select the type first to further filter the drop down list to easily find what you are trying to find.
- This also fixes a bug in Chrome Browser where any drop down lists with 300+ items lose it's styling/colours.
- Added [Walnut Container] so guilds can now upgrade 10 more slots with Walnut Containers.

World Market Update
- Removed the 10% fee if you purchase your own listing. (Now you only pay the 5% listing fee, and no fee to purchase back your own listing.)
- Further World Market Update is Coming.

Combat System
- Dungeon Bosses Exp have been increased.
- Combat Exp has been increased
- Durability Scroll Drop Rate has been increased slightly.

Fixed Bug: When you would click travel too quickly after finishing travelling it would show a timer error.

August 10, 2015

v2.56 BETA (open)

New Guild Exp Gain Reports/Tracking
- Added New Guild Exp Gains for Players. (tracked by day)
- Added New Guild Gain Reports: Today, Yesterday, 7 Days, This Month and Last Month
- All historic exp gains have been saved and are still displayed on the Guild Roster page.
- The Report links are located on the Guild Roster Page. It's real-time tracking numbers as well.

August 11, 2015
- Added a nice graphical chart to all of the New Guild Exp Gain Reports. (Found at the top of each report)
- Put in a temporary fix for the Withdrawal Drop Down in Guild Banks when they show black text on a dark grey background.
August 12, 2015
Fixed Bug: The total +Exp Gain Totals in the Guild Roster and Guild Exp Gain Reports was abnormally high and incorrect (and also messing up the total level counts) this has been corrected.
Fixed Bug: When specifying a specific pattern level to combine when your trade level was above the patterns max level it was defaulting to the max level and not what you selected.

August 08, 2015

v2.55 BETA (open)

Note: This patch is setting up the base for the new 40+ content. Which is Coming Soon!


- Now Pets can give Create Rate, Gold Drop and Drop Rate buffs.
- Changed Telports to display "Required Level: Any" as they are usable by any level players.
- Added a New FREE Feature, You can now disable the Sell/Repair confirmation screens on your My Account Page.
- Added a new inventory sort option, you can now sort your inventory by Tradeable (Player Tradeable Items), Level, Quality, Type
- New Token Purchase: World Market Vendor Slots, Additional slots can now be purchased with tokens in the Drakor Store.

Revamped Exp System
- Full Revamp of the EXP System in the game.
- Now low level patterns give the same exp they give at their level. (The 30% for low level patterns has been removed) Exp rewards for patterns go up by level and subsequently the required exp per level has also been increased accordingly.
- There is now no exp penalty for collecting materials from lower level nodes (when you are over-level)
- This gives a larger view of exp gained for higher level patterns/collected materials. Gives a better view of progress and obtaining more exp for higher level activities.
- Beginner Exp has been increased for all Trades to Level 8 from Level 5. To help new players get started and get going.

- Now patterns that are exempt from CR buffs will display they are Exempt when viewing the actual pattern.
- You can now link Patterns in chat. When displaying a pattern you will now see a "link" button which will include the code needed into the chat box. Similar to linking items.

Timer Mechanic Error Messages
- Now when combining patterns or collection tradeskilling instead of bringing up the Timer Mechanic Error and stopping the action. It will auto-revert into another timer (for the difference of the time that the action should have taken) and continue on. Providing a much more user-friendly experience.
- Teleports performed too quickly will still show the Timer Mechanic Error.

August 9th, 2015
Fixed Bug: You won't see half exp now in collection trades.
Fixed Bug: Collection Trades had a bug where some materials weren't giving exp and also giving an Inventory Full message when the inventory wasn't full.
Fixed Bug: Low level patterns weren't giving any Exp when you were over the maximum pattern level.
Fixed Bug: When trading partial stacks of trade materials (and you have a full inventory or not enough space for what you are receiving in the trade) it was allowing you to go into the negative trade inventory space.

August 06, 2015

Ninja Patch

- Added Trade Inventory link on Masteries page. Now you can review your Trade Inventory without stopping your active trade.

Fixed Bug: Masteries page was displaying incorrectly when you had multiple level 40 trades with the same exp into level.

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