55 Online
Game Stats
5,410,812 Battles
67,257,700 Items
55 Online
Game Stats
5,410,812 Battles
67,257,700 Items

Drakor Release History

January 08, 2015

v2.33 BETA (open)

Exploring the World (Mini-map)
- Created a dynamic system that puts a line to connect the dots on the mini-map. This only shows lines to areas that are "shown" on the mini-map. There are many areas that aren't visible on the mini-map that you need to remember where they are or check out the manual for general area.
- The red dot in the middle that signifies where you are currently located. Now when you mouse over it, it says "You" (Instead of defaulting to showing You all of the time)
- You can change the colors of the roads by clicking the little colored boxes on the bottom right corner of the mini-map!
- When you change the road color it saved your preference for when you are travelling and even after you logoff.

Help Manual
- Some Sections now can only be viewed when you are logged into the game.
- Tweaked a few other sections. Minor tweaks.

January 07, 2015

v2.32 BETA (open)

Masteries Page
- Added your current Trade Inventory qty for each material. If you don't currently have any in your trade inventory, it'll show x0
- Collection Masteries are now grouped/separated by Tradeskill, Sorted by Tradeskill Level (High to Low), Trade Exp (High to Low), Mastery Level/Exp (High to Low)

Pattern Mastery
- Pattern Mastery has been added into the game. There is a maximum mastery level of 5.
- The Pattern Mastery Exp is a dynamic system based on how much exp you receive from each Pattern. So patterns that grant more EXP will need fewer combines in total to up their mastery level. But as a whole patterns that give more exp use much harder to get materials than the lesser patterns.
- Create Rate Bonus from Pattern Mastery works on any pattern, even containers, etc.
- Mastery Level shown now in Your Pattern listings & on Masteries Page. Click to view the pattern to see your Mastery progress into it's current level.

Pattern Mastery Bonuses:
- Level 1 : No Bonus
- Level 2 : 5% Create Rate +1
- Level 3 : 10% Create Rate +1
- Level 4 : 15% Create Rate +1, 2% Create Rate +2
- Level 5 : 20% Create Rate +1, 5% Create Rate +2

Pattern Mastery Level Breakdown
Note: These level requirements by patterns exp range are up for discusion after they have been in use for awhile. They might need further tweaking.

Patterns that give 2xp or less
Level 2 : 700 combines, Level 3 : 1,400 combines, Level 4 : 2,800 combines, Level 5 : 5,600 combines
Patterns that give 3 - 6xp
Level 2:: 500 combines, Level 3: 1,000 combines, Level 4: 2,000 combines, Level 5: 4,000 combines
Patterns that give 7xp - 14xp
Level 2: 300 combines, Level 3: 600 combines, Level 4: 1,200 combines, Level 5: 2,400 combines
Patterns that give 15xp+
Level 2: 200 combines, Level 3: 400 combines, Level 4: 800 combines, Level 5: 1,600 combines

Create Rate Buffs
- Now it will show at creation time, both items or all items created after a Create Rate or Mastery buff is successful. Before it would just say x2 and you wouldn't know the quality of the item until investigating your inventory.

Drakor Main Not Logged-In Screen
- Updated the look of the Main Login Screen a bit.

Drakor Manual
- Added Tradeskill full Pattern Listing for each Tradeskill
- Added Difficulty Level to each Fighting/Combat area in listing

January 05, 2015

v2.31 BETA (open)

Tradeskills: Masteries Page
- Added a Masteries Page.(Button Next to Quest Log). This displays all of your current masteries and their current progress level. Regardless if you have any of that material in your trade inventory.

Fixed Bug: Collection Mastery was giving the incorrect bonus for Mastery Level 2. The Bonuses are now applied correctly.
Fixed Bug: In Trade Skills page, if you opened details on a Material and then went back to Collect more (without reloading the page) It wouldn't update the progress bar.
Fixed Bug: Guild Bank/Gold was accepting negative numbers.

January 04, 2015

v2.3 BETA (open)

Tradeskill : Collection Mastery
- Collection Mastery has been added to the game. This affects Mining, Fishing, Gathering, Logging, Disenchanting & Ancient Research. How this works is the more you "collect" of each material from each trade, you gain Mastery Exp for gaining Mastery levels for that specific material.
- On the Trade Skills page. You will notice a small number in the top right hand corner of materials from the trades listed above. If you click on the Material it now shows a progress bar and the Mastery Level of that item. (and associated bonus, if any)
- All Bonuses also work outside of Rings, Food Buffs & Global Perks. (For Example: you could get a Mastery DR +1 AND Global Perk DR +1 on the same drop making it [Copper Ore] x3)
- Here's the Breakdown of the Mastery Bonuses by Level. Each Bonus is applied directly to each Material. So if you have mined a lot of Copper Ore and your Copper Ore mastery has gone up a few levels. You will get the bonuses when you mine further Copper Ore.
Collection Mastery Listing
Level 1: No Bonus
Level 2: 5% Drop Rate +1
Level 3: 10% Drop Rate +1
Level 4: 15% Drop Rate +1, 2% Drop Rate +2
Level 5: 20% Drop Rate +1, 5% Drop Rate +2
Collections Needed to Level (Each collection (regardless of drop qty) = 1 collection)
Level 2 = 750 collections, Level 3 = 1,500 collections, Level 4 = 3,000 collections, Level 5 = 6,000 collections

Guild Listing
- Updated the Find a Guild Listing to also show "# Active Members" of the total member count. an active member is a player who has logged in within 14 days. Any Guilds that have 0 Active members do not show up in the Find a Guild Listing.
- Any Inactive guilds that have 1 member log in. It will automatically start showing back up in the Listing, as long as it's recruitment is set to "Open"
- Guild Listing is now sorted by Most Active Players, Total Members (Top down)
- This is so new members/players can find active guilds more easily in the built-in guild finder.

Fixed Bug: Cooking formula ranges were too high on CR/DR Foods. They now reflect the correct quality ranges from v2.29.

January 03, 2015

v2.29 BETA (open)

Cooking Recipes Update
- Cooking formulas had an issue/bug in the formula that didn't allow for the food buff details to "scale" appropriately, which caused the food to cap out at 40% even on Common level 30 food.

New Formulas are as follows:
Create Rate: Common (10-14%), Superior (15-20%), Rare (21-30%), Epic (31-40%), Legendary (41-55%)
Drop Rate: Common (10-14%), Superior (15-20%), Rare (21-30%), Epic (31-40%), Legendary (41-55%)
Gold Drop: %chance has been increased & ranges added by quality.
Travel: %chance has been increased & ranges added by quality.

Levels of the Food increase the duration of the buff. The Duration formula has also been updated. So low level foods will last a bit longer and higher end food is more in-line to where I want it to be.

This is actually a buff for some buff types and qualities. As I removed the old 40% cap (CR/DR).

December 31, 2014

v2.28 BETA (open)

Global Perks
- Added a New Global Perk :
-20% Timer Reduction, this costs 30 tokens and will reduce timers in the game by 20%.

- Moved the Account Info Page to "My Account" to the main menu (instead of top menu)
- When Clicking on View World Map while Exploring. It now shows a zoomed in area of the world that is currently in the game and not the full world view.
- You now can't send in-game messages from old removed Alt Character Names. Only your Main Character.

Drakor Help Manual
- Added an "Other" selection to new Combat & Collection Area Listing. This includes Trades Work Areas, World Bank, Guild Bank, Player Market locations and more.

Tradeskill Mastery (Formerly Pattern Mastery)
- Now Includes collection trades into the Mastery System. The game now tracks what materials you have collected and how many successful actions per material. (Even if you mine up [Copper Ore] x2+ (more than 1 from buff/ring/mastery)) It counts as one successful Copper Ore mining action towards mastery levels.)

Fixed Bug: Now if you had the Repair All button enabled, it used to display when viewing other characters Armory Profiles.

Mini-Patch: January 1, 2015:
Tweaked Level Ranges for Shale Rock, Slate & Limestone for Mining
Fixed Bug: Around the Timer Mechanic bug with the -20% Timer Global Perk. This shouldn't happen anymore when the Global Perk expired.

December 29, 2014

v2.27 BETA (open)

Pattern Mastery (Part 1/2)
The first part of Pattern Mastery has been added in. I'm now tracking how many combines you do on each pattern.
Not all patterns will have Pattern Mastery enabled on them. But I will keep track of how many combines you do for all patterns.
Stay tuned for further details on the 2nd part (Bonuses & Levels) of the Pattern Mastery release.

Drakor Help Manual
- Added Collection & Combat Area Listings into the manual. You can now see all areas to train collection trades & combat, the level range for each area and map location. This will be a solid replacement for the Drakor User Map that was created and stalled on updates.

December 28, 2014

v2.26 BETA (open)

Ring Generation
- Now ring %s don't overlap as much ie> Epic can't be the same as Superior now (New Ranges)
Double Exp [Common] = 1-2%, [Superior] = 2-4%, [Rare] = 4-6%, [Epic] = 6-8%, [Legendary] = 8-10%
Drop Rate [Common] = 1-3%, [Superior] = 3-6%, [Rare] = 6-9%, [Epic] = 9-12%, [Legendary] = 12-15%
Create Rate [Common] = 1-3%, [Superior] = 3-6%, [Rare] = 6-9%, [Epic] = 9-12%, [Legendary] = 12-15%

This makes all new rings generated Rare+ have a higher range than before and will end up being better rings overall.

Pattern Trade skills
- Now when creating Equipment, Augment, Enchants & Battle Abilities. All of these items will now have a small bonus on allocatable points when they are generated for each Quality. What this means is you will start to see crafted items being slightly more powerful than similar level / quality "combat dropped" items. this is to start to help make Trade skills more relevant. (there will be a further feature add soon, that will also add to this)

Food - Travel Buffs
- Tweaked the formula now newly created Travel Food will have a better travel bonus and a much shorter buff duration on them. (dropped Travel Food also works under the new formula)

December 24, 2014

v2.25 BETA (open)

Happy Holidays to all Players!
- Santa is in town and giving out special gifts to all players who login in between the 25th and January 1st.
You can retrieve your gift from Santa in Danof or Poi.

- Added New Area The Grey Thicket, which includes a Logging area Level 17-19.
- Added a Hard 14-15 Hunting Area in the Catacombs Dungeon
- Added a Hard 19-21 Hunting Area in Gristmore's Temple
- Added a [Drakor's History] Book to City of Poi. You'll find it where the Mayor hangs out, if you want to read up on Drakor's history without needing to go back to Danof

Have a Happy & Safe Holiday Season!
- Goz

December 23, 2014

v2.24 BETA (open)

Happy Holidays!
- Global Perk prices have been decreased:
- 40 tokens for Create Rate and Drop Rate
- 60 tokens for Double EXP.
- Once activated the Global Perks now still display the description of the perk.
- Just over a week remaining in the Open Beta Token Promotion & Holiday Token Package!
Support the Game, Purchase some Tokens and get a Free Title for your support.

World Market
- Listing and Buying on the Market now shows the Item Custom Name if it has one.
ie> Ring of Gathering instead of Item : Ring.
- Increased everyone's World Market slots by 5. the default is now 10 for new players. To promote players to use the market.

Online User Listing
- This has been updated. It will now display users that are still "online" in the game that are doing extended Trades.

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