42 Online
Game Stats
5,409,119 Battles
67,229,421 Items
42 Online
Game Stats
5,409,119 Battles
67,229,421 Items

Drakor Release History

August 10, 2014

v0.7 BETA (closed)

- Hunting Areas can now be cleared like other Gathering Trade areas. Hunting area respawn times are fairly quick though.
- Added in more interface styling for multiple desktop resolutions (not mobile / tablet yet)
- Added a Last Reply By field when showing a list of topics in the Guild Forums and Main Forums.

- You can now leave a guild, as long as you aren't the Guild Leader. If you are a Guild Leader you need to pass leadership before leaving the guild.
- When a player leaves the guild, it will show in the guild activity listing and in guild chat.

Chat System
- The Chat Box will now currently stop following you up and down if the Game Rules are "open". This allows you to fully read the game rules on smaller resolutions without the chat box scrolling down. Once you close the Game Rules the chat box will start moving again automatically.

Help Manual
- Created first Version of the Game Help Manual. The Manual can be accessed if you are logged in or not logged in. (A few sections still in Development)

Trade Skills
- Some Trades now show the Current Tool you are using for that Trade. These Tools will be able to be upgraded through quests/etc.
- Cooking: Added more patterns up to level 10+
- Jewelcrafting: Added more patterns up to Level 10+

Fixed Bug: There was an issue with creating characters after signing in with a Beta Key.
Fixed Bug: Player Exp wasn't displaying the correct amounts on Inventory Page.
Fixed Bug: Guild Creation Error was reporting incorrect amount was needed to create the guild.
Fixed Bug: Issue with multiple members registered with Smithing and other "pattern" trades.
Fixed Bug: Issue with Kill # Creatures quests.
Fixed Bug: Forums topics sometimes wasn't displaying the GM or Mod tag correctly around the Authors.

August 05, 2014

v0.6 BETA (closed)

- Chat, When clicking on a Character Name, it shows their Avatar, the Armory Links now link to their Armory Profile.
- Chat now parses URLs and converts them into actual links to the website. (links open in new tab)
- Added Drakor General Rules to the game. The Link to the Rules is located above the Chat box.
- Tweaked some basic Chat styling.
- Added Feature, now when you scroll down on the screen. The Chat box will now follow you. Never miss chat in game again!
- Added Drakor Stats for World Battles, added Easy, Medium, Hard World battle statistics. To go with the NPC Arena Battles already being tracked.

Quest System
- Added ability to have spawned quest monsters for quest task/progression.

Items & Loot
- Some Items can now have unique names. From Patterns, Quests and more.
- Tweaked the Item styling with custom names
- Added Icon Graphics for Copper & Tin Armor

Trade Skills
- Smithing: Copper & Tin Smithing Patterns now have custom names on the Items after you create them.
- Added another Trade Skill training area, there are various common & rare patterns only available for purchase at that location.

- Added Guild Leveling System into the Game.
- Added a Guild Leveling Exp Bar on the Main Guild Page (see the progress towards the next level)
- Guild Levels will be required for upgrading Guild Halls and other various perks that will be added in the future.
- When a guild goes up a level, it gets announced in Guild chat and in the Guild Activity Log
- All Character Level EXP and Trade Skill EXP gets added to the Guild Exp System
- Added a Guild Rank on the Armory. Strive to have the best Guild in the game!
- Now when Guildies reply to Guild Forum topics it announces it in guild chat. (not just creating/updating topics now)

Drakor World
- Added Various Hunting, Mining, Fishing, Logging and Gathering Areas throughout the low level areas. Preparing for Closed Beta.
- Added a few new locations/areas.
- Added "Keys" to the Game. You will be able to obtain different keys from monsters, quests and so on. They will unlock certain areas/dungeons/etc throughout the world.

Fixed Bug: When you dismiss an in-activity warning it would show back up a few seconds later.
Fixed Bug: When users signed up for Beta with capital letters in their email. It didn't process correctly when they tried to verify their account. The affected users will be contacted. Before closed Beta starts.
Fixed Bug: When chat messages had broken links in them, caused styling issue. chat now strips out any code tags in messages.
Fixed Bug: When working some Trade Skills and exiting quickly, it would prompt a Travel Error.

July 15, 2014

v0.5 BETA (closed)

Beta Keys
- Striving for Early August 2014 release for Closed Beta. Stay Tuned.

Armory v0.2
- Tweaked the Styling for the Trade skill stats on Character's Armory Profile.
- Now when guests or characters are viewing the Armory, it shows this on the Currently Online listing
- Added Battle Strategy Set to Armory Profile pages.

- Updated some Terminology. Changed references to "Cards" and made it Abilities / Spells. Drakor is not a card game, it's a text-based online RPG with timer-based Trade Skills and a Detailed Combat System that allows you to put 10 Battle Abilities / Spells into your Battle Strategy.

July 14, 2014

v0.4 BETA (closed)

Beta Keys Update
- Beta Keys have NOT been given out yet. Coming Soon!
- Beta Key Generation Process Created.

- Launched v0.1 of the Player Armory
- Displays Character Equipment, Stats and Trade skills
- See where you rank against everyone else
- Leaderboards on a bunch of stats.

- Added a Forgot your Password Process to the website.
- Tweaked the styling of the main Login Screen a little.

Trade Skills
- Construction Update: Added patterns up to level 10+

July 12, 2014

v0.3 BETA (closed)

Trade Skills
- Disenchanting Update: Added raw Materials upto level 50. Also got Disenchanting added and working into game.
- Enchanting Update: Added Enchanting Patterns upto Level 10.
- Cooking Update: Adding Food Buffs into Game, Adding Food Buff Patterns upto Level 5.
- Newly Added Construction Trade Skill.
- Added the Percentage complete on each current Trade Skill (Main Trade Skill Screen)
- Added Paging to the Training Patterns Listing
- Updated Gold Prices (decreased) for each Trade Skill to be learned.

- Added Card Detail Types : Where you got them, Crafted, Arena Reward, World Drop, Dungeon Drop and so on.
- Added Food Buff Slot to Shared Inventory Screen (For Cooking Food Buffs), Each Character can only have 1 Food Buff Active at a time.
- Added Neck & Mount Slots on Shared Inventory Screen for Future Release.
- Patterns, Packs of Cards, etc can now generate cards with specific Image Icons. Before it would just randomly assign an icon.
- Improved Mouse-Over Icon Effect on Inventory screen

Card Types
- Added Enchants into the Game, Enchants work similar to Augments where you permanently Enchant the card you apply the Enchant to. But Enchants are specific equipment types and are also one use only.
- Added Foods (Buffs) into the game. These food will give a temporary buff to your character. Everyone can only have one Food Buff active at a time.

- Fixed Bug: Had an issue with not selecting and dropping the correct level range of Materials per Area.
- Fixed Bug: Where you could Disenchant cards that weren't supposed to be Disenchanted.
- Fixed Bug: Where it would show the wrong error message when you try to apply an Item Augment to an empty equipment slot.
- Fixed Bug: When combat wouldn't end if one challenger died from a Lifetap debuff after their round was finished.

July 05, 2014

v0.2 BETA (closed)

Trade Skills
- Mining Update: Added Materials that will go up to level 50.
- Gathering Update: Added Materials that will go up to Level 50.
- Fishing Update: Added Materials that will go up to level 53.
- Logging Update: Added Materials that will go up to level 50.
- Smithing Update: Adding Patterns upto Level 10 so far.
- Jewelcrafting Update: Adding Patterns upto Level 5 so far.
- Added Global Patterns to be available in all Trades Areas and also patterns that are only available in specific locations, where you would need to travel.

- Added the feature when a guildie creates or updates a guild forum topic it will be announced in guild chat.
- Guild Forum Index now also shows the 10 most recently active topics.

Combat & Battle Deck & Cards
- Added Random Battle: Damage Cards, that can do large amounts of damage to your opponent with a chance of it backfiring for a small portion of damage to yourself instead.
- Added Random Battle: Heal Cards: This has a chance to do a large amount of healing to yourself, with a smaller chance of healing your opponent instead for a smaller amount.
- Added Durability Cards *Rare Drop*: These cards will replenish the durability on any battle card of lesser or equal level to the level of the Durability card.
- Added Achievement Cards (& Achievement Slot)! *Rare Drop!* (with added Achievement slot to equip them and perform the required achievement for the associated reward.)

- Tweaked the Beta Sign-up email. It should look & work better with a higher variety of email clients and websites.
- Tweaked Gold Drop (increased) from Battles (Arena and Creature)
- Tweaked the Equipping Battle Cards Screen
- Tweaked Card Sell Prices (increased some, decreased others)
- Added Functionality for specific Trade Materials/Quest items to only drop from certain areas when fishing, gathering, mining, etc... (outside of the global loot ranges)
- Increased the Default FREE Trade Slots to 10, now everyone will get 30 total free inventory slots.

- Fixed Bug: Had an issue with dropping a few different types of cards in a pack.
- Fixed Bug: Fixed issue with Jewelcrafting skill screen.
- Fixed Bug: Chat was causing a small issue with creating battles in the right scenario.

June 27, 2014

v0.1 BETA (closed)

Drakor Launched Closed BETA
- Beta Keys are NOT given out yet.
- Beta Group is close group of friends/avid players. If you wish to join the Closed Beta Test. Apply Here

Combat System
- Use some strategy and take 10 Battle Cards into battle with you, for a very unique Combat System!

Battle Arena

- NPC: Easy, Medium & Hard Battles
- Battle Strategy, Battle Decks, Arena Rewards

Explore the World of Drakor

- 100s of locations to explore, 100s of Monsters to Fight
- Fight Monsters, Mine, Fish, Gather
- Run Daily Dungeons throughout the world! Gather Epic Loot! (Development)


- Guilds get their own, Chat Channel, Forum, Armory Page, Guild Bank/Hall, Recruitment Page, Ranks (w/ Permissions), etc.
- Player Upgradeable Guild Halls (Development)
- Run Weekly Guild RAIDS on various Legendary Monsters. (Development)

Achievements (Development)
- Server First Achievements, 100s of other Achievements.
- Achievement Rewards: Character Titles, Tokens, Gold, Packs of Cards, etc.
- Get very rare Achievement Cards to drop!

NPC / Quest System
- Added different types of quests, kill quests, gather, etc.
- Added a few multi-task quests to get you started! check around Danof for some...and adventure around for some others.

Drakor Chat
- General Chat, will enlarge and shrink depending on your Screen Resolution you are playing on. When enlarged it shows Timestamps, Guilds, etc.
- World Chat is moderated, please be polite and courteous to the other players.

10 Tradeskills
- Mining, Fishing, Gathering, Logging
- Smithing, Disenchanting, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting all have a few Patterns
- Alchemy, Cooking, Construction both in development.

Shared Inventory
- Shared Inventory allows you to easily swap cards and tradeskill materials between your multiple characters.
- Upto a Maximum of 400 slots.

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