87 Online
Game Stats
4,224,831 Battles
51,554,373 Items
87 Online
Game Stats
4,224,831 Battles
51,554,373 Items

Drakor Release History

October 08, 2014

v2.01 BETA (open)

Chat System Update
- Added a Block User List Feature. In chat click on a players name and click "Block" to block them in all chat channels. You can unblock people from your chat by going into Chat Options (Options Link at top of Chat Box) and clicking on their name in the list. This will remove them from your Blocked list.
- Added a Guild Recruitment Channel (One guild recruitment message per hour per guild in the chat channel please!)
- Added/Fixed a few Chat commands /c = common / world chat, /t = trade, /r = recruitment, /s = support, /g = guild.

Arena Battles
- Arena battles no longer drop Gold. Only EXP and Loot, to farm gold adventure the world.
- Tweaked gold drops down from Battles, as it would get fairly large in higher levels.

General User Experience
- Added a Back to Adventure button when you finish World Combat
- Added a Back to Arena button when finishing an Arena Battle.
- Nerfed Items "Sall Value" a bit.
- Capped EXP generation at higher levels, so players don't level too easily/quickly.

October 9, 2014: mini-patch
Fixed Bug: Elite Battle Difficulty was flawed and making some of their battles easier than "Hard" difficulty. this has been fixed.
- Also increased the Elite Battle Ratings Range from 9-12 to 9-13.
- Tweaked Low Level Battle Gold Drops. some scenarios were making world battles drop 0 gold.

October 06, 2014

v2.0 BETA (open)

Drakor is now in OPEN BETA!

Everyone Welcome! No Beta Keys needed!

All Closed Beta Characters have been wiped.

No further data wipes!

Character & Trade Skills Max Level Set to 20 (up from 10)

Daily Dungeon System

- Dungeon System has been created.
- Bosses are difficult opponents to fight. but they have custom Loot tables of Rare or higher item drops.
- If there are trade nodes in an area where a boss monster is "alive" it disables those nodes until you kill the boss.
- Players can run dungeons Daily.
After you beat the first boss in a dungeon you then have 24hrs from the kill to complete the dungeon. After 24hrs the Dungeon will reset and you will need to start over. This also allows you to farm your gear through dungeons. Each Boss has a unique strategy and difficulty setting.
- Level 3-5 Dungeon "The Water Caves" dungeon has been released. (2 bosses)
- Level 6-8 "Kersay Church" dungeon has been released. (2 bosses)
- Level 9-11 "Feuern Sie Turm" (@Withering Peak dungeon) has been released. (4 bosses)
- Level 12-13 "Underground Bunker" (@Grey Woods dungeon) has been released (2 bosses)
- Level 14-15 "Catacombs" (@Grey Woods dungeon) has been released (2 bosses)

- If you log off inside a Dungeon and log back in and your Key to that area has expired, it will boot you out to a "safe location"
- When you mouse over purple dots on the mini-map it now shows the Area as a Dungeon instead of just a plain "Area".


- Improved Disenchanting Interface, now after an item is Disenchanted, it displays other available disenchants in your inventory with direct disenchant links. Improves user experience and flow for Disenchanting multiple items in a row.

2 New Trade Skills : Ancient Research & Inscription
Ancient Research
- This Collection Trade, will send you across the world searching out ancient settlements and runes of past civilization. You will gather relics, runes, scrolls and rare books to further your knowledge and gather materials to be used in the trade of Inscription.
- This trade is more time consuming than the regular collection trades and has a higher "fail" rate and the nodes are not as easy to find. But the powerful & valuable scrolls and rituals you'll be able to create in Inscription will be well worth it.

Inscription (Still in Development)

- This trade you will master the arts of Scroll Making, creating powerful spells such as Teleport Spells, Minor Durability Scrolls, enhancements to Battle Abilities and more.

Trade Skills General
- Added Sort Buttons to the Trade Skills page. Which sort Ascending and Descending Pattern orders by their required level.
- Added the Timer Duration to be displayed on all Patterns.
- Tweaked Fishing Drop Table
- When combining Patterns it now shows the Level Range at the top of the screen similar to collection trades (mining, etc.)
- [Salt] now drops from Fishing instead of Gathering
- Lowered Collection Trade Skill EXP (Mining, Fishing, Gathering, Logging, Ancient Research & Disenchanting)
- Increased Drop Rates for All Gems in Mining
- Increased the Gold Price to learn most of the Trades
- Added functionality to Trade Patterns, almost all of the Rare patterns (some Superior) now have a chance to create Epic / Legendary quality items as well. Happy Crafting! (Same drop rates as during combat)
- Smithing, Enchanting, Cooking, Jewelcrafting, Construction & Alchemy Patterns have been added for Levels 11-20

World Bank Membership
- 2nd Tier Membership Quest has been added to the World Bank (and the Patterns added to Construction)

World Market Update
- Added a Current Listings Section, where you can see your current Market listings and sell them directly to NPCs.
- Limited your Listings on the Market to start at 5 listings. (you can list as many of one material and only take 1 slot)
- Added first Market Vendor Upgrade Quest (To increase your default max listings available)
- If you buy back your own Market Listing you lose 50% of the listing price. If it doesn't sell, sell it directly to the NPC.
- Added Exit buttons to the Market
- Now it shows which Player purchased your Market Listing in your in-game message for Market Sales.

World Content Release
- Level 11 - 20 Content has been released. The Grey Woods have been opened. (North of Small Mud Hut)
- Added Quest to kill River Orc Outpost Guards and General, to retrieve the Key to the Kersay Church (Dungeon)
- Added Large Quest-line to Feuern Sie Turm (Withering Peak Dungeon), for Access and completion of the Dungeon.
- Added Quest to gain access into the Grey Woods.
- Added Quest to gain access to the Catacombs dungeon in the Grey Woods

Combat / Battles
- Tweaked Battle & Opponent generation a bit.
- Lowered Item Drop #s for Arena and World Battles (medium+ difficulty, still drop guaranteed quality items)
- When you are Defeated, there is a chance for a consolation prize to drop in any battle now.
- Increased Required Exp per Combat Level from 80 exp per level to 100 exp per level. To be similar to Trade Skills.
- Added your character and your opponents Equipment and Strategy Ratings to the Battle Screen.
- Arena & World Battles now have set opponent rating ranges. Added new "Elite" Rating which is highest difficulty now. (for normal non-dungeon battles). Now if you are over geared and fighting "Easy" battles they will be easier but the EXP reward will be scaled with how much higher you are than your opponent. Loot rewards get better with the higher difficulty rating.
- The Battles still "scale" to your rating, to make the battles more "fair" but there are caps and minimums to each difficulty.
- Easy = (0 - 3.0 Ratings)
- Medium = (3 - 6 Ratings)
- Hard = (6 - 9 Ratings)
- Elite = (9 - 12 Ratings)

- Increased the General Inactivity Timer to 40mins (up from 20mins) before it logs you out automatically
- Added Last Active, Ancient Research and Inscription to the Armory Leaderboards.
- Nearby Players Window: Now it lists players that are in areas that aren't actively shown on the map.
- Mini-map will now also display players (blue dots) that are not in an area that is actively shown on the map.
- Added Placeholder slots for Ring & Trinket on the Character Equipment display (Inventory Page)
- Added Dungeons to the Game Features Page.
- Nerfed NPC Vendor Purchased Prices
- Tweaked Look & Feel of the Total Battles / Items Generated Details at the top of the screen.
- It now shows the gold amount to repair an item next to the "Anvil" when viewing a broken item.
- Updated all of the Screenshots on the Main Login Page. They were very outdated on the old Beta Sign-up Page.
- Added a Message of the Day Feature, I will post news & information there. It only shows once in chat after you logged in. it will not display again if you reload your character. You can force the message to show in chat with the /motd command
- Added a Quest Log, Dungeon Progress Log & Your Keys located next to Offline Strategy button.
- Quest Log displays all of the Quests in the game, and where they start.
- Quests now show a "recommended level" to start that quest, Quest log is now sorted by recommended level.
- Once you start completing tasks, more details are displayed in the quest log.

Chat System

- Chat System has had the text reversed. New text now shows up at the bottom of the screen and is read top to bottom.
- The Chat System will also tell if you are scrolled up reading previous text, it will NOT scroll you down when it is refreshed unless you are only scrolled up a bit. Makes it more user friendly for re-reading any old chat you might have missed when you were AFK. (instead of bumping you down to the bottom every few seconds on chat refresh)
- Removed ability to change your chat color now that there are more channels to choose from.
- Now when you switch the Chat drop down (to select a channel) it saves your setting and will carry through logginf off and back on. If you leave your drop down on guild chat. Your default channel will now be guild chat until changed.
- Added Trade and Support Chat channels.
- Added Chat Channel Filter in the Chat Options (located at top of Chat Box)

Game Manual
- Added Dungeon System, Shared Inventory, Trade skill & Hunting Nodes sections to Manual, tweaked other sections.
- Fixed Interface for Overlay window on Tablet / small screen resolutions so the game manual menu is fully visible.
- Added Information around Ancient Research and Inscription in the Game Manual
- Added Drop Table for the Ancient Research trade.
- Limited the viewing of the drop table lists (upto current max level 20) once I release more content and increase the max level more items will be displayed in these tables auto-magically.

Fixed Bug: When in the middle of Traveling and pressing "Explore the World". Would cause an error message to come up as it wouldn't stop the initial timer.
Fixed Bug: Trade skill Leader boards were only showing 40 instead of 50 for the Top 50.
Fixed Bug: Combat Bug that sometimes would cleanse (visually) the incorrect amount of Curses/Buffs off your buff bar (leaving a gap / empty buff slot when a new curse was added. (the damage was calculating correct) it was a display issue.
Fixed Bug: in some Hard battle scenarios the check inventory sometimes would still allow a loot bag with too many items to drop.
Fixed Bug: When removing or adding Trade Materials into your World Bank account, if your inventory or bank slots were full it wouldn't add onto a material that is already present in your inventory or bank account.
Fixed Bug: Where Pattern Type Trade skills could grant EXP above the currently set Maximum Level.

Patch: October 7, 2014
- Now Depleted Nodes show up in the area as "Depleted" so new players know where the node is set to respawn, but it doesn't show the time it's set to respawn. To get familiar with the "areas" where nodes are.
- Player Armory Profiles now display their Dungeon Boss Kill Progress (First and Last Kills)

September 14, 2014

v1.7 BETA (closed)

World Banking
- Players will now be able to open accounts at the World Bank
- You can store items and trade materials there.
- Talk to the Danof Banker located at the World Bank in Danof north of the Trades Area for more information and to start the quest!

Trade Skills
- Copper Nails, Iron Nails Patterns now create 10 nails for every Iron or Copper bar.
- Added Premium Smelting "Thick Copper Bar", "Thick Tin Bar", "Thick Iron Bar" these will be used in higher quality patterns.
- Added Multiple Rare Copper and Tin based Patterns. (L1-10)
- Added Patterns for building quest items related to World Banking (Players can also sell these after they are created to players who don't have Construction as a Trade, in the Player Market)
- Added more patterns to Construction as well, some lumber milling, etc.
- Added a few more Patterns
- Slightly Increased drop rate for Salt, as it's used extensively.
- Added a Mystic Orb Pattern (Epic), which will allow you to start creating highly sought after Epic Enchants.
- Added Epic Helm Enchant Pattern L1-5, Added Random Epic Enchant Pattern L5-10
- Added Various Rare and Superior Enchant Patterns (Ranging L1-10)
- Added Epic Huge Gem & Augment Patterns L1-10
- Added Various other Patterns L1-10
- Added various Superior, Rare and Epic Patterns L1-10

Questing System
- The questing system can now reward World Bank Slots, World Market slots, Rare Patterns that you can't purchase as rewards.

- Text Editor / Forums / Etc: Added the Common, Superior, Rare, Epic & Legendary text colors to the Text Editor.

September 07, 2014

v1.61 BETA (closed)

Trade Skill Cooking
- Added 2 More Patterns, Goldenbush Spice, Golden Goulash (Superior Create Rate Buff)

Chat System
- Special characters will not be stripped out now
- When linking an item. if the item has an actual name, it will show the name in the link instead of the Item Type.

September 05, 2014

v1.6 BETA (closed)

User Interface & Experience
- Disenchanting now doesn't refresh the whole screen.
- Using Durability Scrolls now don't refresh the whole screen.
- When you are scrolled down after new content is loaded the system will scroll up for you.
- Food Buffs now show up on the Trade Skill, Inventory & Exploring screens to see how much time is left on your buff.
- The buff expiry counts down and alerts you in your trade history when it expires.

Trade skill Cooking
- Now players can consume and benefit from some Food Buffs! Start Cooking!
- Gold Drop %, Drop Rate, Create Rate, Travel & Invisibility buffs now work.

- Cooking Buffs are real-time duration. so if the buff lasts 30mins it will last 30mins after you eat the food. (not 30mins of playtime) If you log off before it's done. It's still being used, you will still have the buff if you log back in before it expires.
- Disabled dropping Random Food Buffs that are currently not able to be eaten.
- Added Pricing to Food Buffs, they are no longer worth 0g.

Inventory Management
- Now when you complete a battle, if you don't have enough inventory space available the dropped items that will not fit into your inventory will disappear. there is a notification when this happens. Make sure to free up some space. This fixes a few bugs that was allowing players to keep stockpiles of items above their inventory limits.
(Example: 3 Items drop from the battle, you only have 1 slot free. You only will receive 1 Item and the other 2 disappear.)

September 01, 2014

v1.51 BETA (closed)

User Experience & Interface
- Upgraded the Interface so sections don't refresh the whole screen. making it more streamlined and use less bandwidth.
- After loading your character it defaults to exploring the world instead of your inventory.
- Changed Game Features page to load in the overlay window.

Fixed Bug: Market now takes the appropriate 5% charge (from total listing) even if listing many items at 1g/each.
Fixed Bug: one button in Drakor Mail wasn't closing the overlay window correctly.

August 28, 2014

v1.5 BETA (closed)

Trade Skills Inventory
- Now you can click on your Trade Materials listed in your Trade Inventor and see:
- Information about the Material
- What Node Level Range it drops from
- Which patterns it is used in. (Pattern List is grouped by each Trade Skill and sorted by Pattern Level)
- It also shows if the pattern is available to your current level, already owned or your skill is not high enough yet for that pattern.
- Added a X (close) button to the Patterns when you pop them up to display (to learn them or train with them.)
- You can now click on Materials for sale in the Market and also see the information like in the Trade Skills page.

Item/Equipment Generation
- Tweaked the Stat Generator a bit, it shouldn't produce as much Equipment with only HP/DEF gear now it should be more balanced.

August 27, 2014

v1.4 BETA (closed)

User Experience & Interface
- Tweaked Styles of the pages within the overlay window to fit better in the space.
- Added an X close button to the overlay window. (top right hand corner)

Game Manual
- Added Help Information to the Combat System section.
- Added further styling to the Game Manual side menu and tweaked content in some sections.

August 26, 2014

v1.3 BETA (closed)

Arena & World Battles
- The Arena and World battles will stop you for having a 0 durability item equipped and not allow you to start the battle. This now happens before it goes into the timer instead of after the timer.

User Experience & Interface
- Guild Section, Main Forums, Armory, Manual, Release History, Account Info, Drakor Mail & Support Drakor page.
- all screens listed above now open in a new overlay screen, and do NOT break any time mechanics in the game.
- This allows you to continue farming/working trades/combat screen in the background.
- Note: no more having to manage multiple windows/tabs, you can do everything in one browser window! what a concept.
- Guild Forum links in chat now go directly to the thread in question within the new overlay screen.
- Chat Armory Links now open in the new overlay screen as well
- Tweaked the Game Manual User Experience some. Made it so you can access the menu at any time while browsing.

- Tweaked some Thread/Post Styling in Guild & Main Forums
- Now when Players Create/Edit or Reply to Forum posts, it announces in the chat system with a link directly to the thread.

Fixed Bug: Arena and World Battles were allowing players to level past the current Level cap of 10.
Fixed Bug: Display issue with Pattern levels in the Currently Online, some were displaying level 0.

August 25, 2014

v1.2 BETA (closed)

Guild/Amory Rosters
- Added Total Levels to Guild & Armory Rosters.

Gathering Tradeskills
- Now when you are gathering on a node, there is a small blue reverse progress bar (no #s on it, just figure the full bar = 100% full) that displays approximately how much "stuff" is left at that node. So you can get an impression on when it will deplete.

Combat System
- Added a Quick Menu to the Battle System, you can now click the U to Use the ability or P to pass on the ability. Without the need to open the ability.
- Added the Pass ability. So you can save the durability on the ability by "passing" on using that ability in that battle. When you pass it will pass on using that ability in that round and just perform a basic attack. You will not be able to use the ability later on during the battle, but you save the durability on it for the next battle.

User Experience / Interface Improvements
- Now selling & repairing items does not reload the whole page. It loads the data into the screen, with chat still visible.

Fixed Bug:
Fixed issue with not being able to use Durability Scrolls, and a small display issue that was introduced with a recent patch.

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